pirate-showDisney surpasses in almost any niche they touch. From amusement parks, to resorts, to movie making – so why not cruises? But what makes it so different that you will remember your Fantasy Cruise forever? For me it was two main items:

1. The kid centers – there are four distinct areas for kids:

science-labBaby center for tiny little guys
Young kids from 2 – 7 years old
Tweens 8 – 12
Teens – 13 and up

No other boat offers anything like this. They even have a science lab for kids to experiment.


2. Fireworks – no cruise line in the entire world is permitted to have a fire works show in the middle of the ocean. Unless you’re traveling with Disney.

fireworksFirst there was an insane pirate show from Pirates of the Caribbean with a big bang – FIREWORKS!!!

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