cruise_ship3Tell people you are a virgin and friends will help you out!  I leave shortly on my first-ever family cruise.  A self-professed non-cruiser, I dodged the cruise bullet a few years ago when my husband wanted to take a cruise.  He went.  With his mother.  I talked  him and his mother and siblings into a family reunion.

This time, my family and I will be the guests of Royal Caribbean, on board to review their highly-regarded Oasis of the Seas.  I put a note out to the TMOM Blogger Network that I needed some advice and I got all kinds!

Luxury Travel Mom saw the Titanic way too many times. This is what she had to say:

OK, I’ve considered a cruise and these are the reasons I’ve never pulled the trigger:


A.  I’m overwhelmed by offers, which one is the best one?  There are sooo many choices, analysis paralysis.

B.  I get motion sick, would I get sick on the boat?

C.  What if the room is too small?

D.  What if I don’t like the food?

E.  Will it be crowded and will I have to fight for a deck chair?

F.  What about rogue waves?  Seriously, that kind of freaks me out…

My friend Amy was a lot more enthusiastic and offered the following:

All the adventure ocean activities can be done after you are on board. Go to the family meeting for sure.

The only thing we usually do before we board is to schedule any excursions we may want to take. The popular ones sell out fast (e.g. The catamaran cruises, the dolphin and sting ray swims).

Our first cruise we were stressed about formal night for the kids…but now just brink khakis and a button down.

We buy a pop card for our kids (I tell them that can have all they want for that week only). It is unlimited fountain drinks.

If your kids like adventure ocean and you can get away for a night, book reservations at chops or portofino (do it right when you get on board…and you can always cancel). It is Morton’s quality food for $20-25 per person. Totally worth it!!!

Totally overwhelming.  We packed the khakis, the motion sickness bracelets (where is my Psi band – so much cuter than the elastic ones at CVS!), sunscreen, electronics and are ready to go.  But I fear that we will spend [waste?] 2 days just trying to figure it all out.  I’m not keen on that – I am the type that likes to get my “money’s worth.”  Although I have to admit that I am exhausted from all the planning and coordinating. Sitting by the pool with an umbrella drink and a book sounds pretty dang good.

I posted a plea for help on our new Ask a TravelingMom.  If you have some cruising tips or advice, please click above to post it so all cruising moms can benefit.