StThomasThe third installment in this five-part series features my best Disney Cruise Tips #5 and #6 about staying organized in your stateroom and maximizing your entertainment experience so that you can fully enjoy a Disney Cruise vacation with your family.  These are my best hints and ideas from my  year-long tenure as the Disney Cruise Mom on the Walt Disney World Moms Panel where I provided advice to other Disney Cruise Line guests.  You can get the complete list of top ten here, which includes:

Part One: 1) Know Before You Go and 2) Pack Wisely
Part Two: 3) Brief the Kids and 4) Slow Down
Part Three: 5) Stay Organized and 6) Be Entertained
Part Four: 7) Maintain Your Health (and Weight) and 8) Get Educated
Part Five: 9) Explore Your Surroundings and 10) Hakuna Matata! 

Although you’re not in your stateroom awake very often, it’s important to know where things are in order to make your time on board efficient.  Plus, Disney at sea is just as concerned about entertaining you as on land.  Don’t miss all the exciting and exclusive entertainment experiences Disney provides while you’re sailing!

  1. Stay Organized.  Although Disney cruise ship staterooms are larger than the industry standard, it’s still a tight squeeze for a family…especially for a cruise of 5+ nights.  Bring along hanging (clear plastic) organizers to store toiletries in the bathroom and socks, underwear, accessories and/or baby supplies in the closet.  Completely unpack (even for a 3-night cruise) and assign areas for each person to keep their belongings.  Nest luggage inside of each other and store them in the closet (Magic/Wonder) or under the bed (Dream/Fantasy).  Pack a pop-up hamper to keep track of what needs laundering or store shoes in it.  Magnetic hooks on the back of the stateroom door keep track of lanyards and the suction cup kind are great for the tiled bathroom.  Think vertical storage and keep the floor free of clutter.  Also, pack an extension chord.  There are never enough outlets and somehow they’re never in the right place either.
  1. Be Entertained.  Disney is in the business of entertainment, and one of the hallmarks of a Disney cruise is the entertainment aspect – character greetings, live Broadway-style shows, first-run movies, amazing special effects while dining, deck parties, fireworks, etc.  Just because you may be traveling sans preschoolers, don’t think that the stage shows or deck parties aren’t geared to anyone over 10.  Disney has a remarkable way of appealing to every age and stage of life simultaneously.  Plus, there are age-specific activities and events throughout the ship to give families needed time away from each other or time together.
As a Walt Disney World Moms Panelist, Andi was an independent contractor. The views and opinions which she expresses are her own and not intended to reflect the opinions of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online, its affiliates, its management, its agents or its employees. As a part of her contract work with Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line, she was compensated with a reward trip for her and her immediate family members.  More stories about Andi’s Disney travels and other traveling are shared on her personal site,  You can follow Andi on Facebook as Andi Campbell Sims or on Twitter @AndiAnswers.