Typically during the holidays, entire families gathers to share quality time together. But too often, that’s the only time of year this happens. There is a solution; however, and a trendy, and exceedingly fun one at that. It’s called multi-generational cruise travel, and it is fast becoming a preferred way for families to spend time together while sharing an experience that will have lasting memories.

From grandparents down to the youngest members of the family, a multi-generational cruise is also a terrific gift idea. Let’s face it, everyone wins with a gift like this.

The broad range of activities and amenities means grandparents can take in guest lecturers and enrichment classes. Parents can enjoy time together while the young ones play in the supervised kids area, and the older children can congregate in the ships teen center for some fun all their own.  Then there are the dining venues, swimming pools, movie theaters, ice skating rinks, health and spa facilities, and destinations to satisfy and delight any age group.  Adding to the appeal is the safety a cruise vacation offers. Family members can break off to do their own thing without a worry.  Crew members are always watching out for their guests’ enjoyment and safety.

If planning a cruise sounds daunting, first consider that a cruise is one big package: accommodations, food, entertainment, and transportation to your destinations are all included.  Realize that by using a travel expert like Cruise Holidays, all the details will be taken care of for you.  A good travel partner plans large cruise groups every day and are extremely savvy about how to design a vacation to appeal and entertain everyone in the group, whether it’s a family of ten or thirty.