kidsclubKids clubs are intended to help make a vacation fun for the parents as well as the kids. Parents can drop off their children and head out to a romantic dinner or sit on a beach by themselves while their children are being fed fun and entertainment of all kinds.

Two Reasons I Have Never Used a Kids Club

But what if you are like me? I have a confession to make. I have never used a kids club for two reasons. The first reason is that when we travel as a family, we are doing it because we want family time. If I want to have a romantic trip with my husband, I will leave the kids at the grandparents.

The second reason is that kids clubs scare me. When I think of kids clubs, all I can think of are the horrible things that can happen while my children are there. My kids go to school, have been in daycare, and more but I haven’t used a kids club. I can’t get past the fact that you drop your kids off with a complete stranger in hopes that they are going to have fun, stay out of trouble, not get hurt and still be there when you go to pick them up.


Are Fantasy Kids Clubs Secure?

Because of my lack of experience with kids clubs, I was especially interested in learning more about the clubs on board the Disney Fantasy. Since I was traveling without my children, I was able to spend some time exploring the kids clubs and speaking with both crew members and youth counselors about the security of the clubs.

100% Secure Check-In and Check-Out

Ozer Balli, the Vice President of Hotel Operations, says that security in the kids clubs “is watertight” and after touring the facilities, I believe it. Passengers are not allowed in the kids clubs while activities in session and children are present. When you register your child, you choose a password as well as who has permission to pick up. If aren’t on the list and don’t know the password, you aren’t picking up the child. Parents are also given a lanyard and tag that they wear when the pick up their children.

Keeping Track of Your Child

When you register, each child is given an RFID band. When in the kids clubs, these bands let the Youth Counselors know where the children are at all times. The computer at the front desk sends a signal that notifies the Youth Counselors if a child has been in the restroom or stationary in one place for too long.

Attentive Youth Counselors

All of that is great but if you don’t have attentive counselors, none of the computer stuff matters. Each counselor I spoke to was knowledgeable of all the rules and procedures. When I did see youth activities in action around the ship or on Castaway Cay, not a single counselor was sitting around doing nothing, gabbing, or ignoring their charges. Each of the counselors were participating and engaging the children in activities.

Are you concerned about the safety of kids clubs? When you are traveling, do you utilize the hotel or destination kids clubs?

Thank you to Disney and Traveling Mom for providing my cruise accommodations. I paid for travel there and back as well as other expenses. As always, opinions are mine alone.