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Royal Caribbean recently revitalized its Vision of the Seas ship. The 2,000+ passenger cruise ship is temporarily docked in Miami, soon to be in Port Everglades (Ft. Lauderdale) and in late 2014 will find its permanent home the Port of Tampa.

TMOM disclosure graphicIt will set sail each Saturday from Tampa to destinations in the Western Caribbean. I recently enjoyed a one night media sailing of the ship to get a full preview of some the enhancements.



Vision of the Seas & Families Rooms

Rooms have gotten even more family-friendly on the Vision of the Seas. There are 5 suites styles, ranging in size from 243 sq. ft. to 1,176.  Additionally, revitalized oceanview staterooms are family sized.

The ample room size of the Junior Suite with a Balcony, 243 sq. ft., sleeps 4, is an ideal room when cruising with a small family on the Vision of the Seas.

Vision of the seas

Junior Suite with Balcony
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The room is wide, storage is adequate and the balcony is beautiful. These suites have bathtubs. There were just two of us – husband and myself – on this trip but we had fun envisioning where all the “stuff” would go if the kids were with us. Everything – in our mind- fit just fine in the Junior Suite with Balcony!

If your budget allows, consider the Royal Family Suite with Balcony, which has an apartment-like setup and as much room as many “land” hotels.  This ship has just one of these more luxurious rooms. This suite has two bathrooms. Of course, this room is far bigger than the Junior Suite but its price tag too is far bigger. Might be worth the extra money for a longer trip.

The new Family Ocean View Stateroom (room code FF) is 470 square feet and accommodates 6 guests, comfortably. There is just one on the Vision of the Seas.

Vision of the Seas & Family Fun

A small pool, rock-climbing wall, video game arcade and outdoor running track provide kids with a place to let out some energy. The Royal Caribbean complimentary Adventure Program provides family with monitored edu-tainment for kids and parents to enjoy.

Vision of the Seas

Programs for kids 6 months – 17 years!
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Age group, i.e. Aquanauts 3-5 years, Explorers 6-8 years, Voyagers 9-11 years, Teens 12-14 years, and 15-17 years are organized with age-appropriate activities. Note that the group age ranges may differ from ship-to-ship.

There is a program for the littlest as well. The Royal Baby & Tots Nursery (6months – 3 years) has teamed up with Fisher-Price with the latest toys and activities for this age group. The staff is highly trained and qualified to care for the youngest passengers. Parents are provided with a tote bag at registration to fill with the baby or tot’s “things.” Diapers, wipes, blankies, pacifiers typically fill the bag.

Vision of the Seas & Dining

Vision of the Seas

Delicious dining at Chops Grille.
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The revitalization has brought five specialty restaurants on board. These restaurants do charge an additional fee, but provide superb cuisine and service for a fraction of what it would cost on land.

  • Chops Grille Steakhouse, $30
  • Giovanni’s Table, $20
  • Izumi, a la carte plus cover charge
  • Park Café, no charge
  • Chef’s Table, $95
  • Viking Crown Lounge, a la carte

We were invited to dine at the Chops Grille. The food and service were both top notch.

The revitalized Vision of the Seas is modern, technology-enhanced and in line with many of the needs in family travel. Head to to learn more about the Vision of the Seas and other ships within their fleet that might make the perfect locale for your future family vacation.