The Carnival Breeze cruise ship is a tween and teen paradise! Hop aboard this 1,004-foot, 15-deck floating entertainment complex to delight the young people in your life with waterslides, mini golf, games, pools, hot tubs, an elevated adventure ropes course, and more!

Water Park Carnival Breeze

Carnival Breeze. Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

To kick off summer vacation, I took my five children, ages three to 16, on a seven-day western Caribbean cruise aboard the Carnival Breeze. As the only adult sailing with our party of six, it was important to me that the older kids could find ways to entertain themselves during our days at sea. On the Carnival Breeze, this was no problem at all!

My 10-year-old tween was thrilled to have his first real taste of freedom, with permission to check himself in and out of Camp Ocean to join scavenger hunts, play video games and more; my 13-year-old social butterfly delighted in the variety of cruise programming, attempting to attend every single organized event each day; and my 16-year-old took the opportunity to relax, indulging in the ship’s many hot tubs. There was something for everyone on Carnival Breeze.

Here are 10 awesome onboard adventures for teens and tweens sailing on Carnival Breeze. And the best part? They are all included in the price of a Carnival cruise.

Carnival WaterWorks

Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

You can’t go wrong with a water park at sea. My boys loved racing up the steps to ride the 320-foot-long Twister waterslide, and squirting others with water guns as they slid down the giant orange Drainpipe slide. The PowerDrencher bucket made sure nobody stayed dry on this multi-level waterscape, which was just fine for our sunny Caribbean voyage.

Dive-In Movies

Carnival Breeze

Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

With a poolside double-feature every night, and free movie popcorn, my big kids looked forward to the post-dinner entertainment all day long! My teens enjoyed watching The Hunger Games and Spectre, and the tween loved staying up late for Kung Fu Panda 3 and Zootopia.

Mini Golf

Carnival Breeze

Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

There was no wait for the bi-level mini golf course, so my kids played game after game! The older kids appreciated the unique holes, including one that transported their golf balls from Deck 12 to a putting green on the deck below. Also outside were Foosball, Pool, and Ping Pong tables, a basketball SkyCourt, and fitness equipment.


Carnival Breeze

Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

My adventurers spotted this two-level ropes course before we boarded the Carnival Breeze, and it was the first thing they wanted to try! Strapped into harnesses, they safely navigated several challenges, high above the ocean.

Pin it for later!

Pin it for later!

Giant Chess

Not one, but two oversized chess boards meant double the fun onboard.

Hot Tubs

There are two heated salt water pools on Carnival Breeze, in addition to the water park, but it was the hot tubs that attracted my big kids. They loved camping out in one of the side deck Jacuzzis and watching the ocean as we sailed on by.

Scheduled Activities

My 13-year-old could not get enough of the cruise ship entertainment. In fact, he loved the scheduled activities so much, he was sad on port days when I made him get off the ship.

From the daily live morning show, to towel animal puppet theatre, to karaoke, to dance classes, he didn’t want to miss a thing. His favorite part of each day was getting the next day’s printed schedule, so he could plan which interactive game show, art auction, and concerts he wanted to attend. When not in our room, he would borrow my phone to consult the Carnival HUB app, and inevitably race off to another event while the rest of us stayed behind to finish a meal.

The Punchliner Comedy Club

Offering PG jokes during family friendly showtimes, The Punchliner Comedy Club was a hit with the big kids. My 13-year-old attended at least four different shows, regaling us with secondhand corny jokes for days afterward.

Tween & Teen Clubs

Circle C Teen Club. Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

Circle “C” Teen Club. Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

When my kids had had enough of each other’s company, they each set off for their own club. The 10-year-old had a blast making new friends at Camp Ocean with the Sharks (ages 9 to 11). My 13-year-old went to Circle “C” (for ages 12 to 14) to hang out and play cards. The 16-year-old spent an evening with other high schoolers at Club O2 (for ages 15 to 17). All three liked that they could check themselves in and out at their leisure, so they only went to the clubs when it was their own idea.

Room Service

I saved the best teen favorite for last! As the children of a frugal parent, my kids never get to order room service. But on the Carnival Breeze, it’s free! My teens loved having the freedom to order cheesecake or chocolate cake on a whim, without even having to ask permission.

We had such a great week aboard the Carnival Breeze. It was a nice surprise that I was able to relax, even as the only adult in charge of my large crew. The kids kept busy all day, touching base every now and then but mostly entertaining themselves, and then crashing hard after 14 hours or more of play! It was a dream vacation and the perfect way to start summer.

Have you cruised with a teen or tween? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.