DisneyFantasyTheatre1It’s no surprise that before American Idol, Jennifer Hudson’s stage was on board the Disney Wonder. Disney attracts the best talent from all over the world to perform in its Broadway-style productions aboard every ship in its fleet. The Disney Fantasy is no exception.

For three nights, Traveling Moms aboard the Fantasy’s 2012 Inaugural Preview Cruise were treated to spectacular original productions in the 1,340-seat Walt Disney Theatre. Every show went beyond my expectations of what I would experience aboard a cruise ship.

Disney Wishes” is a charming musical – exclusive to the Disney Fantasy – about three best friends who discover the secret to being a grown-up is staying connected to their inner child.

Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular” retells the beloved classic Disney film, “Aladdin.” The Genie steals the show in this one.


Disney’s Believe” is about a father who discovers the importance of putting family first.

Seven-night cruises will have two additional shows, the welcome show “A Fantasy Come True” and a farewell show, “An Unforgettable Journey.”

Just as every Disney movie I’ve ever seen has made me laugh – and cry just as hard – while bringing home a message in the midst of whimsy, the Fantasy stage shows were just as powerful. And brilliant! The technical aspects, set designs and stunning costumes of each production will just blow you away.

Designed as an integral part of your magical experience aboard the Fantasy… the stage productions are a not-miss for every member of your family, whether they’re 5 or 55.

Jim Urry, Vice President of Entertainment and Port Adventures, says that “every step of your journey, starting with the parks you’ve visited before boarding the ship, to the characters you meet on board, the details of dinner and the show that follows, to the adventures you have along the way at ports of call, are linked together.”

In essence, your entire cruise is one giant production, imagineered as only Disney can, from start to finish. And you become part of the show. Imagine that!

Chris is a designer, WAHM and pilot’s wife living in Colorado. She writes as Standby Traveling Mom as well as at MamaBirdsBlog.com. Follow her on Twitter as @BirdBanter.

Disclosure: Disney Cruise Line hosted Traveling Moms on the Inaugural Preview Cruise of the Disney Fantasy for the purposes of writing this review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions expressed are my own and without influence by Disney Cruise Line.