Never liked the whole idea of a floating food fest or being out on the water with no land in sight.  Plus, when I travel, I want to see the sights, the people…the land.  Last time the subject of cruise came up, I wiggled my way out of it by convincing my husband that he NEEDED to take a trip with his mom and siblings.  I mean when would he get another chance like that?  It worked, all four had a great time on an Italian cruiseship.  My MIL even won Miss Ship or some such title.All this is about to change.  I am going on a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas.  Soon.  No kids.  Just me and a few other internet moms.  My packing list is the same one I would use for the beach: swimsuit, sunscreen, mindless book, notebook.  But I think I read somewhere that I have to dress up for dinner or something.  Psi wristbands is sending me motion sickness bands that I hopefully will not need to use.Who out there can help me?  Rolemommy – isn’t this right up your alley.  Or waterway?