Animators-Palate1Where on a family vacation can you have dinner and explore your inner animator at the same time? Onboard the Disney Fantasy cruise ship at the Animator’s Palate restaurant. Leave it to Disney to make dinner an artistic experience.

The décor of the Animator’s Palate is all Disney with an attention to detail at every step. The chairs are dressed like Mickey Mouse, complete with red shorts and large yellow buttons. A filmstrip runs lighting around the ceiling and the columns are artists tools like paint brushes and
pencils. Disney animation memorabilia are arranged on the walls throughout.

The food at the Animator’s Palate, like all food aboard the Disney Fantasy, is delicious, but the highlight really is the entertainment. After being escorted to your table and taking your seat, your server greets you with a placemat and markers, then provides some simple instructions about drawing yourself within the given lines.

Not knowing how this is all going to work together, you and your family draw your best selves and your server swings by to pick the drawings up.


Dinner is ordered and served, then the lights dim and a show starts on the screens throughout the restaurant. The first part of the show is the introduction of the main characters – can you find me?


The Animator’s Palate was my favorite restaurant aboard the Disney Fantasy cruise, just another reason why this makes a great family vacation. Oh, and the food was great, too!