Carnival Breeze cruises offer such a variety of delectable dining options, there is sure to be cuisine onboard that delights even the pickiest of palates. With pasta, pizza, sushi, hamburgers, steak, barbecue, seafood, burritos, stir-fry, sandwiches, and desserts, Carnival Breeze has culinary choices the whole family will enjoy!

Carnival Breeze

Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

I may be the only person in the history of Carnival Cruise Line to board one of their ships lugging a giant suitcase full of snacks, because I was worried about food options during our week at sea. Obviously I missed the memo that one of the main objectives of cruising is to eat, and to eat well! From the moment we entered our staterooms on our first cruise, and discovered bountiful welcome baskets overflowing with fruit, crackers, cheese and nuts, we were spoiled with delightful meal and snack options on Carnival Breeze.

Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

Kid’s meal from Cucina del Capitano. Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

The best thing about dining on Carnival Breeze is that every meal affords guests the opportunity to try something new. The adventurous foodies in our group tried escargots, frog legs, and ox tongue, relishing the chance to eat unusual appetizers. In fact, we were all a little more daring in our ordering, because we knew if the meal wasn’t quite to our taste, we could try something else. The waitstaff encouraged us to expand our horizons, assuring us that we could order as many dishes as we liked – all for free. We had nothing to lose!

Carnival Breeze

Playing with Wikki Stix, which came with the kid’s meal. So much more fun than crayons!

Dining on Carnival Breeze

Carnival Breeze Dining

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These were a few of our favorite dining options on Carnival Breeze:

Room Service – Free

Available 24 hours a day, free room service was a treat! I pre-ordered an early breakfast every day, so I could enjoy my morning coffee before getting dressed for our second breakfast. (You know you have a lot of meals to fit in when you start numbering your breakfasts.)

24-Hour Ice Cream – Free

Free ice cream is dangerous to your waistline, but somehow more delicious when eaten at a naughty time of day. (Breakfast number three?) We took advantage of the complimentary soft serve cones just about every time we happened to be in the vicinity… which was often.

Pasta Bar at Cucina del Captano – Free

For a fun lunch, we choose sit-down dining at Cucina del Capitano. Each person in our party received an order form to select their own pasta, sauce, vegetables, and meat, as well as side orders of delicious bread and Caesar salad.

We also made reservations for a fancy dinner at Cucina del Capitano, which is offered for an additional fee. It was a wonderful dining experience and the kids proclaimed the spaghetti and meatballs to be the best they’d ever had.

Blush Restaurant – Free

Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

Breakfast at Blush Restaurant. Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

We dined at Blush Restaurant twice a day, for delectable breakfasts and dinners. The servers quickly got to know us and always addressed each of us by name. They were so friendly and welcoming, always bending over backwards to make sure everyone had a wonderful meal. One evening, my three-year-old asked our server, Pattiira, if she could have bacon (which she remembered from breakfast, but it was not on the dinner menu). Pattiira assured her that she could and brought back a whole bowl of bacon bits (that were supposed to be for baked potatoes) with a spoon. You have never seen a happier preschooler!

Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

Dinner at Blush Restaurant. Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast – $5

Dr. Seuss characters come to life at this festive sit-down breakfast complete with Green Eggs and Ham! Make reservations early as these breakfasts sell out in a hurry.

Festive waffles at the Green Eggs and Ham breakfast.

Festive waffles at the Green Eggs and Ham breakfast.

For a full list of restaurants on the Carnival Breeze, visit the Carnival website. If you’re planning a cruise, you’ll also want to download the Carnival HUB app, so you don’t miss a single special foodie event while onboard. From cake celebrations to chocolate extravaganzas, there is always something mouthwatering to eat onboard the Carnival Breeze!

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