yummycruisefoodFood is a big part of any cruise and the Disney Wonder is no exception. The good thing about Disney is that food is all inclusive. You can go to the buffet, any of 3 main dining rooms or 2 quick service cafes. There is also unlimited soda at the drink station and 24 hr room service. The only restaurant that is additional charge is Palo. Palo is an adults only upscale restaurant. You also do pay for soda from room service and you should tip for room service. This article contains tips to help you planning your dining on the Disney Wonder.

There are two dining time options on your Disney cruise. Early dining is at 6:30. Late dining is 8:30. Early dining is what most cruisers want. Especially if they are traveling with children. If you want early dining make sure to request it first thing. It will fill up. We opted for late dining. Our thinking was that we are a late family. We like to do things into the night. We also liked having a longer day to play and not have to cut activities short to run to our room and dress for dinner. We probably should have thought more about this decision. Even though we like to have late nights, we usually eat dinner around 5 or 6. We didn’t think that we would be postponing dinner by a couple hours. We found ourselves hungry around 6 but not wanting to to go get something because we didn’t want to spoil our 8:30 dinner. Main dining is definitely the best food you will get on the cruise. Besides Palo. Consider your family and what you want for dinner time.

If you choose late dining, the youth activities team will come in around 9:30 and pick up any children that want to leave. Our serving team was wonderful and got our kids their food faster than normal. This way they were done and didn’t have to miss dessert but could still go to the kids club. My girls loved this. They always finish dinner before us. They loved not having to sit and be bored while we finished.

There are three main dining rooms on the Disney Wonder. Tritons, Parrot Cay and Animators Palate. Tritons and Parrot Cay are your basic fine dining rooms. Animators Palate is a different story. The walls start out black and white. Over time, they turn to full color. It’s a fun dinner show.


animatorspallete animatorspallete1
The Disney Wonder has a buffet called Beach Blanket Buffet. It has your traditional buffet fare. This was our least favorite place to eat. But we usually ended up here for breakfast and lunch. Perhaps it was all the exceptional food at dinner, but coming to this buffet fell flat for us. It wasn’t the best food we have ever had but it was food and we did eat there everyday. I was impressed that Disney seemed to have a lighter fare. Everywhere we went there was always fruit available. Salads too.

There are also 2 quick service cafes. They are located by the pools. This was nice because you could watch the kids swim and have a snack. Or if your kids get hungry swimming, there was something close. One cafe served salads, fruits and paninis. The other one served hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, fish sandwiches etc. With fries on the side. The drink station is also right there. You can get free sodas. They serve Coke products. There is also an ice cream station where you can get soft serve at all hours of the day. Banana was my favorite flavor.

icecreamOn a Mexican Riviera cruise with the Disney Wonder, you will get a character breakfast. Lots of characters come around to each table and take pictures. What makes this breakfast so fun is the servers. They make all sorts of fun hats for each guest. These are made from napkins mostly. They are very creative. Here is what we got:

As you can see, there is a lot of food to be had on the Disney wonder. Palo is a special restaurant and will get it’s own article so check back for that. Here are my favorites from dinner:


Pina Colada Bread Pudding {from the sugar free menu}


Mixed Grill


Creme Brule

Food is a big part of any cruise. Use these tips to set yourself up for a great cruise. You can read the other articles in this series. Planning and booking your cruise, Activities and Characters. Be sure to come back for the rest of the series. Everything you ever wanted to know about a Mexican Riviera cruise with the Disney Wonder.

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