mickeyMeeting characters on a Disney cruise is easy. They tell you exactly where they will be. Every night you will get a navigator delivered to your room. It tells you which characters are going to be where for the next day. All you have to do is show up with your camera. You will also see characters at events throughout the cruise. There is a sail away party and a pirates party. Characters show up in the Broadway style shows and at dinner. Also on the 7 night Mexican Riviera cruise you get a character breakfast.

We saw a variety of Disney friends.


Sometimes you run across characters in the halls. For us it seemed to happen when I didn’t have my camera. But it was still memorable. If this happens, the character will stop and talk to you. They do not rush by in a hurry and wave from afar. The come up to you and interact. They talk to the children and pose for pictures. I was so impressed at the personal attention they gave to my girls. The characters we saw wandering the halls were Belle, Mickey Mouse, Pluto and Peter Pan.

Characters also come into the kids club all the time. There was a pajama party with goofy. Cinderella came in and showed everyone how to be a princess. Mickey mouse made all the kids official mouseketeers. Peter Pan came in for pirates day. On this cruise, we saw more characters than we usually do at the parks and they definitely gave us more attention. Be sure to have your camera ready.

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