funnel visionAre you wondering what there is to do on a Disney cruise?  Thinking maybe days at sea might be boring and uneventful?  Well think again.  Disney has put together a great program of activities for you while you are cruising the beautiful Mexican Riviera.  Disney will deliver a Navigator to your stateroom every night.  In it you will find loads of information about what is coming up for the next day.  Go through this carefully so you don’t miss anything. 


The Disney Wonder has three themed pools.  One for children, one for families and one for adults.  The family pool is called the Goofy Pool.  My older girls loved this pool.  They wanted to spend hours here.  There are also 2 hot tubs with this pool. 

goofy pool


Families can jump in and go for a swim together or parents can lounge around and soak up some sun while their children swim.  Disney has loungers available for you.  See those wooden containers in the background?  They contain beach towels for you to use.  There is no need to pack your own.

pool chairs

The pool for children is called the Mickey Pool.

mickey pool  mickey pool1

It is shaped like Mickey Mouse and children can swim in his ears.  The Mickey pool is a shallow pool.  You can let your kids run around while you enjoy lunch or a snack.  There are quick service food stations nearby.  I will go into more detail about them when I talk about food.

The adult pool is called the Quiet Cove pool.  I don’t have any pictures from this pool because we didn’t go to it.  Anytime we were at the pool, we were with our children.  But I did walk past it and it looked peaceful.

Day time activities

On your navigator you will find many activities for you to enjoy.  It will show you when and where to meet.  There are scavenger hunts, ship tours, game shows, and more.  There are also some big character parties.  You definitely don’t want to miss these.

On day one you can attend the Sail Away Party.  It is on the stage in front of the Goofy pool.

sail away party sail away party1  sail away party2  sail away party3 There is also a pirates party at the same location.  Stay after the party for fireworks at sea.

  pirates party pirates party1 


Night time activities

A big activity at night will be your dinner.  That can take a couple hours.  I will talk more about dinner in my article on food.  There are also shows every evening in the Walt Disney Theater.  These are not to be missed.  We loved them all.  More info to come on the Broadway style shows but I definitely recommend not missing the other enteretainment.  There is a hypnotist and a juggler that were hilarious!!  We laughed so hard.  Plan your evenings around these shows.  There will also be smaller style shows in the lounges.  You can find out all about these in your navigator.


Disney knows what to do when planning activities for their cruisers.  Take part and enjoy them all.  Stay tuned to learn about dining, characters, ports of call and more tips when cruising with Disney.  You can also read the first installment in this series:  Planning your Disney cruise.  For more Disney travel tips search #tmomdisney.


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