How many times do you think you could cruise in a year…on the same ship? Janice and Bernard Caffary own the title of ‘Mom and Dad’ on the ship Carnival Sensation because they have cruised—get this– 122 times (as of Feb. 16, 2016). How do they do it, and how do they pay for it all?

Photo by Desiree Miller, Family Fun Mom. This couple is known as ‘mom and dad’ on this ship.

Photo by Desiree Miller, Family Fun Mom. This couple is known as ‘mom and dad’ on this ship.

Some people love cruising so much, they say they’d like to live on a cruise ship.  Janice and Bernard Caffary almost do.  In fact, they say when they go home – to their physical house in central Florida – their neighbors ask them how long they’ll be visiting.

That’s because they have a home away from home on the cruise ship Carnival Sensation.

They have taken 122 cruises on this boat alone since 2003 (and you can bet it’s been more since this story was even written since, when we talked, they had 14 more already booked through December of this year!).


Why do they do it, and what’s life like back home?

They say they just love the ship—and the crew members on many cruises

They consider themselves ‘mom and dad’ to those working on board and even wear pins that say ‘We give crew members hugs.’  And trust me, they give them out all day and all night. 

They typically stay in the same room (which always has a great view, by the way) and eat at the same tables for breakfast and dinner. 

No other couple has come even close to staying on the ship as many times (no one else has even hit 100 cruises on the Sensation).

The couple has tried other cruise ships, as they explain in the video below, but they tell me there’s something special about the Sensation to them that makes them want to come back again and again.

How do they pay or it all?  They promise me, they’re not super rich.  As she explains in the video, they are smart about their financial choices.  At home, they keep things simple.  Listen in to hear the one thing they do not do when they’re on the cruise ship that makes it possible to come back again and again.


Photo by Desiree Miller, Family Fun Mom. The cruising life can be a good life if you enjoy the ocean and umbrella drinks, though those drinks may keep you from going over and over, as the Caffary’s do.

They go home between cruises to take care of things that have to be done at home, like maintenance on the house, but clearly see the people working on the ship as their family, and, after having bumped into them at breakfast where they offered a tip on what to buy on shore that day, I know firsthand that they enjoy offering up tips to others about their journey.  Let’s face it, after cruising dozens and dozens of times, they know the best stores in each port, the items you’re going to wish you’d bought while you were on shore, and even the best place to buy what you need on the ship.

The bottom line: The Caffary couple knows their stuff when it comes to cruising.  They live and breathe it, at least once or twice a month, all year long.

They tell us more in this video.