image001Can a Disney cruise really be budget friendly? For most families, family vacations are special events that need to be budgeted for. However, it can be difficult to figure out exactly how much money you’ll need to save, and impulsive purchases while on vacation are pretty common. That’s why I think a cruise can actually be very budget-friendly for families on a strict budget.

Along with many of the other Traveling Mom bloggers, I had the chance to check out the Disney Cruise Line’s latest ship, the Disney Fantasy. Everything about the ship screams luxury, from the Nouveau-themed atrium to the fancy family-friendly restaurants on board. But the best thing? Almost everything is included in the cost of the cruise. So, you want to order room service at 2am? Included! Want to have two meals at dinner? Included! While there are definitely some things you can purchase on board – like souvenirs and alcohol, you can have a great time without spending much additional money at all.

I was also impressed with the cost of the cruise for families. It’s really quite affordable, especially if you get an interior room. After all, you won’t be spending much time in the room at all. So, while I originally thought a cruise may have been beyond my family’s budget, I’m now planning for a Disney Cruise next year!

You can find out more information about the Disney Cruise Line on their website.


Disclosure: I was aboard the Disney Fantasy as part of the Traveling Mom Retreat and my stay was complimentary.