Room ServiceTraveling on a cruise typically means room service is included! It’s a luxury that families don’t often take advantage of when at a traditional hotel – mainly because it tends to be expensive. We recently enjoyed a 8-night cruise press trip aboard the Carnival Breeze and ordered room service almost every day. It was a great decision!

Why should a family order a meal through room service when cruising? Here are 3 reasons:

  1. FREE! You’ve set a great budget (spent a lot of money) for the trip and it’s typically a service that costs a lot when on land. Take advantage and enjoy it!
  2. Easy Morning! My personal favorite reason, as I explained in a recent post(, is to have room service deliver breakfast around the time the kids waking up. This will give them something to do – eat breakfast – as you and your spouse are getting things ready for the day. Plus, hot coffee is ready for you!
  3. Relax! Cruising is exhausting for families. You don’t need to be eating in the dining room or other restaurant for every meal. It’s ok to have lunch sitting on your balcony!

Using room service is an included luxury for cruise travel. It’s a great option for families.  Make the most of your cruise travel by ordering a meal or snack through room service!

Caroline Murphy is a South Florida mom of 2 who enjoys travel, great food and smart product. She shares her been there, done that experiences at