image005Am I excited about the Trump Toronto Hotel making its grand debut next month? You betcha! The luxury brand is set to open their doors on January 31, 2012. Located in the heart of Toronto on Bay and Adelaide Streets, the building will officially hold the title as Canada’s largest residential building!

I provide lots of details on the rooms and accommodations over at Child Mode, but since writing the article some new details have surfaced and I thought they would be kind of fun to share with you all.

* Lifting the spire of the building (now Canada’s tallest residential structure) is the single largest lift in North America – if not the world?  Weighing in at over 90 tons, it took over 12 hours to lift the spire in place on the roof of the hotel.

* The wall mosaic in the porte-cochere consists of 500,000 handmade, hand-cut tiles, which took a crew of 20 artists three months to make. Up close, the work entitled “A Small Part of Something Larger” by Canadian artist Stephen Andrews will disclose a textural pattern of porcelain, glass, stone and gold.  From afar, the mosaic reveals an image of a stadium filled with cheering people.  

* There are over 18,000 pieces of crystal in the hotel from the Czech Republic. One of the more magnificent displays is the hotel lobby’s three-dimensional cherry blossom branch, which is estimated to weigh 3,000 lbs.  It is lit with LEDs against a black glass background, and a specialist from the Czech Republic was brought in to note the precise points of connection for the lights, ensuring a perfect spectrum of glow. 

* Trump Toronto’s Presidential Suite will be the largest and highest suite in the city! The suite’s soundproof media room will include a projector screen and plasma display, ideal for film screenings (hello celebrities!). 

* STOCK™ restaurant will have one of Canada’s most impressive lists of organic, natural and bio-dynamic wines. Its wine wall (featuring an ebony grid pattern – evidenced in the architecture of the high-rises lining Toronto’s Adelaide Street) will feature nearly 1,000 bottles.

The kitchen will feature a dedicated, temperature-controlled “Chocolate Lab”.  Pastry chef David Chow will tempt guests with extraordinary artisan chocolate creations designed from Valrhona’s esteemed family of Grand Cru Couvertures. Signature specialties include sea salt and caramel chocolate toffee, 66% dark chocolate + spring jasmine tea, and homemade artisanal scones with pure Valhrona chocolate hazelnut confiture.  and Adelaide Streets, the hotel will officially hold the title as Canada’s tallest residential building at 65 stories.

Will it cater to families? Only time will tell. Trump is known for their Trump Kids program that provides kiddie cocktails, their very own robes and slippers, PlayStation and Xbox, books, movies and more!

Hopefully we will be able to check it out and report back. 🙂

Source: Trump Interational