Ski Whistler

Whistler is a great place to ski with kids. Photo by Meagan Shamy

Whistler is the ultimate family destination for skiing in my opinion. I already loved everything about Whistler. Whistler is a little village two hours north of Vancouver, British Columbia. For years we would head up there for Thanksgiving and usually did a little skiing, but the kids were too young to ski.

Well, we finally went back last year for spring break and I skied alone with all three of my kids and it was incredible! Not matter where we were on the mountain I felt comfortable. Granted, it doesn’t hurt that my kids ski better than I do. Even my kids realized how great the skiing was. My oldest just couldn’t get over how great all the runs were.

Whistler Blackcomb’s Family Certified Zones 

They have trails for all levels, including entire areas on both mountains dedicated to families. We mainly stuck to the Whistler side and skied the long easy runs found throughout the

Tree Fort Whistler Mountain

Tree Fort on Whistler Mountain by Meagan Shamy

family zone. Of course we had to stop and play in the Tree Fort, located just off of Bear Cub trail near the Big Red Express chairlift. For whatever reason, these zones are often closed so be sure and go in when they are open. If you wait it may not open again the entire time your there. 


Plus, they have wide, long trails which made it easy for the four of us to ski together. They were wide enough that if my oldest got to far ahead of us he could just scoot over to the side and wait without worrying about someone running into him. Just look how wide this trail is and this is actually where it narrows.


Whistler’s wide trails make it easier for families to ski together. Photo by Meagan Shamy

Family Friendly Ski Lifts

Whistler Gondola

Large gondolas make it easy for families to travel together up the mountain. photo by Meagan Shamy

Lessons and Childcare

Zip Lining