Quebec City Art500 LEADIt seems that everything about Quebec City has a story.  Even the art museum, Musee National Des Beaux Arts Du Quebec, is historic. Its three buildings encompass three periods.  It was first established in the 1930s only 100 meters from the city’s prison and for many years they operated side by side. The prison shut down in 1974 and 15 years later the museum, needing more space, began a project to annex the prison, leaving some prison cells in tact.

DestinationReviewThe local art is colorful like the city and I found paintings, unique jewelry and crafts affordably priced.  I particularly liked the art galleries on Cote de la Mantana Street and the local art displayed on La Rue Du Tresor.

Quebec ART 400The free, outdoor Cirque de Soleil show, “Les Chemins Invisibles” –is a must do for everyone. It is breathtaking with nail-biting stunts, original costumes and music that Cirque is so well known for.