If there’s one thing you have to do while visiting Québec’s Mont-Tremblant village, it’s eat. Indulgently. The pedestrian village is a cornucopia of foodie pleasures that will appeal to every palate. But not all restaurant adventures are created equally, so let us help you put your taste buds front and centre and avoid trial and error.

A tiny snapshot of the hometowns pinned on the board inside Au Grain de Café. Photo Credit: Andrea Traynor

A tiny snapshot of the hometowns pinned on the board inside Au Grain de Café. (Photo Credit: Indulgent TravelingMom / Andrea Traynor)

Mont-Tremblant Village

One of the best things about staying in the Mont-Tremblant village in Québec, Canada, is flying in or parking your vehicle at the hotel and walking everywhere. But the last thing you want to do with a hungry family in tow is to wander aimlessly, wondering which restaurants are worth your time.

Having been to Tremblant numerous times, both with and without our children, we’ve eaten just about everywhere—and had both very good and not-so-very-good foodie experiences. Here’s our alphabetical guide to many of the village’s restaurants:


$ | Lower Village

Such a quintessential Canadian treat! Think oval-shaped flatbread-style fried dough pastry covered in your choice of toppings — like a simple lemon and sugar combo or a more indulgent salted caramel concoction. Mmm-mmm good.

Bistro Au Grain de Café

$ | Upper Village

Think Starbucks but with even fancier coffees and ultra-fresh pastries set in a French bistro atmosphere. Perfect for a quick breakfast or midday snack, but very little seating if you plan to stay. The almond croissant is flaky perfection and I love the matcha green tea lattés here. And be sure to “pin” your hometown on the felt map inside; see if you can find my tiny town of Courtice, Ontario (east of Toronto) that I pinned there during our first visit!


Bullseye Salloon & Grill

$$$ | Upper Village

This steakhouse has a great kids’ menu and offers enough variety to satisfy even the pickiest eater. My favourite dish here is the escargot, which comes drizzled in sizzling cheese. The beef rib and filet mignon skewers are also worth a try.

Cafe Johannsen

$ | Upper Village

If we’re skiing with friends, this is where we like to meet for a quick coffee break. This cafe is steps from the gondola so it’s easy for even Tremblant newbies to find, and happens to serve up quick nosh too. Be prepared for a lineup.

Casey’s Resto-Bar

$$ | Lower Village

Throw out everything you think you know about this Canadian chain restaurant—or chain restaurants in general—and just trust me on this: the food is beyond good at this location. (Have the beef rib, because OMG, and definitely indulge in the chocolate cake for dessert.) There’s an extensive kids menu, portions are plentiful and there’s no need to get gussied up. Casey’s also has a huge patio, perfect for good-weather drinks and people-watching.

Coco Pazzo Restaurant

$$$ | Mid-Village

If you needed the perfect excuse to wear your fur-trimmed vest and “dressy” UGG boots to dinner, this is it. Although children are welcome, if yours aren’t accustomed to sitting quietly in a restaurant and they demand dinners consisting of nugget-like morsels, you may want to save this for a date night. The chef will make his own version of delectable chicken strips for your kids—good luck not eating them yourself!

Fat Mardis

$$ | Upper Village

Although I wouldn’t take my kids to Fat Mardis, it’s perfect for grabbing a beer and watching sports after a long day out on the mountain. Just don’t be surprised if a bachelor party shows up.

Fluide Juice Bar

$ | Mid-Village

If you forego the free cabriolet ride between the lower and upper villages, you’ll walk right past Fluide. This is your spot for real juice made in a blender right before your eyes and freshly squeezed lemonade. Ask nicely and they’ll split a single juice order into more than one cup so your kids can share. You can’t go wrong with strawberry-banana.


$$$ | Mid-Village

If you’re staying at Le Westin, opt for the breakfast at Gypsy to start your day right. It’s a step up from the typical continental hotel breakfast with a made-to-order omelette station. Bottomless coffee never hurts either. Come in whatever you’re wearing for the day during breakfast, but feel free to dress up a little for the tapas dinner here where the sharing plates are perfect for two. If you don’t order the duck wings, you’re missing out.

What are the best restaurants in Tremblant?

The duck wings at Gypsy inside Le Westin hotel are a must! (Photo credit: Indulgent TravelingMom / Andrea Traynor)

La Forge Bistro-Bar & Grill

$$$ | Upper Village

La Forge isn’t our favourite joint. While it’s great that you can come-as-you-are, the service is very slow—the worst we’ve ever experienced anywhere in the village. And the food is, in general, nothing to write home about. But your kids will find classics like chicken nuggets and fries here and be happy. Once they’re actually fed, that is. Be careful with substitutions and confirm any surcharges while you’re ordering so you don’t get a surprise when the bill comes.

La Maison de la Crêpe

$$ | Lower Village

Crêpes work for breakfast, lunch or dinner when there are sweet or savoury options. This tiny restaurant cooks up the best crêpes and stuffs them full of goodness. Half-portions are available as part of a more limited kids’ menu, too. (Hint: the Chococo, drizzled with a homemade Nutella-like sauce, is always a hit.)

La Savoie

$$$ | Mid-Village

My kids are just slightly too picky for La Savoie, but if yours are adventurous eaters, bring them along—just be sure to make a reservation well in advance for this petit restaurant that serves up traditional raclette and fondue. We’re talking imported cheese from La Savoie, France, melting right on your table thanks to a heated contraption that looks oddly like a bear trap. A must.

Laurent Louis

$$$ | Mid-Village

Hands down, our favorite dress-up restaurant in the entire village. Interesting, carefully prepared cuisine that’s got French flair nailed but appreciates North American portion-size expectations. There’s no kids’ menu, but we ordered the steak and frites for ours to share and it arrived on two plates without even asking. And it earned four thumbs up. Laurent Louis gets my top marks for pure indulgence.

Le Grand Manitou

$ | Summit

If your tummies rumble at the top of the mountain, this is really your only option without heading nearly 3,000 feet down. It’s not particularly notable, but it’s inexpensive and has enough variety that every member of your family should find something acceptable. Plus, it serves wine.

Le P’tit Caribou

$$ | Mid-Village

With a massive renovation now under its belt, this bar-scene staple in the village is open for business again and it has a stunning patio overlooking the lake. Although it’s more a watering hole than eatery, you’ll be able to find tasty bar food throughout the day and evening. Fun, but probably not where I’d bring my kids.

Microbrasserie La Diable

$$ | Lower Village

For delicious homemade burgers, this is a winner for the whole family. There’s plenty of seating and service is quick. But don’t venture too far beyond burgers or you’ll likely be disappointed. Gourmet fare is not La Diable’s forté. For the 18+ crowd, do the craft beer flight—it’s free!

Nansen Lounge

$$$ | Upper Village

Come dressed as casually as you like or even step right off the mountain in your ski duds to eat. Feel like throwing on a fabulous dress? That works too. We’re talking outstanding food matched only by the service and a great wine list to boot. Everything tastes great at Nansen Lounge. Everything. Even the kids’ meals are drool-worthy. I strongly recommend the seafood chowder for you and the grilled cheese for the kids.

Ô Wok

Everything you need to know about where to eat in the Mont Tremblant village.

PIN THIS! The fish fritters at Ô Wok are Ô-so-good… (Photo Credit: Indulgent TravelingMom / Andrea Traynor)

$$ | Lower Village

Enjoy Chinese food, but with a modern twist? You’ll love Ô Wok. The space is small but the flavour is big. My 8-year-old son is my pickier eater of the two and would have a tougher time here finding something he liked, but kids with bold palates can ask for less spicy versions of whatever’s listed on the menu. Our fave dish is the General Tao chicken. Phad thai fans might enjoy the version here, which isn’t tomato-based like so many phad thai dishes in North America.


$$ | Mid-Village

A family favourite. Thin-crust artisan-style pizzas, awesome salads, yummy desserts, reasonable prices—what more do you need?

Resto-Bar Le Shack

Everything you need to know about where to eat in the Mont Tremblant village.

Miss Q enjoys Le Shack’s milkshakes – as do the rest of us! (Photo Credit: Indulgent TravelingMom / Andrea Traynor)

$$ | Upper Village

No visit to Tremblant is complete without Le Shack. The kids love it as much as we do, which may have something to do with the milkshakes they serve. Kid-friendly fare abounds here. And if you eat one thing in Québec, let it be poutine; Le Shack’s pulled pork version is so good we order it every single visit — even if they no longer serve it in the cast iron pans.

SoCal Kitchen

$$$ | Mid-Village

This upscale-casual eatery is famous for its fresh, local ingredients, North American-sourced oysters and laid-back vibe. Our kids will argue that the best French fries in the world are served here; don’t believe the Trip Advisor reviews—the food is very, very good. The tuna tatake will make you weep. And if the black cod is on the menu, trust me — order it. It’s melt-in-your-mouth YUMazing.

Mont Tremblant restaurant guide

Black cod that will make you cry. Mid-village at SoCal. (Photo Credit: Indulgent TravelingMom / Andrea Traynor)


$ | Lower Village

It finally happened — Starbucks set up shop in the Tremblant village. Prices aren’t inflated like they can be in some tourist spots, but service here is slower than what you may be used to at home.

St-Hubert Express

$ | Upper Village

The closest thing you can get to fast food in the village, featuring rotisserie chicken and its famous dipping sauce. Kids meals are served in fun packaging, and you’ll be in and out in no time, ensuring you leave yourselves plenty of time for adventure.


$$$ | Upper Village

Are you searching for the Sunday brunch buffet to end all buffets? This is it. And the Fairmont has just done a massive renovation on both the space itself and the brunch menu. It’s better than ever! Come very hungry and ready to indulge in the village’s most robust breakfast. Kids five and under are free, older kids are half price.

Everything you need to know about where to eat in the Mont Tremblant village.

Wild boar pate, perfectly seared Ahi tuna, beautiful cheeses — it’s a gastro-delight at the Fairmont’s Sunday brunch. (Photo Credit: Indulgent TravelingMom / Andrea Traynor)

Ya’OOO Pizza Bar

$$ | Mid-Village

Tucked along the sidelines of the action within Tremblant’s mid-village, you’ll find some pretty fantastic pizza. There’s always a special of the day, and pizza comes loaded with toppings. We recommend the “Tremblant” pizza! Although you can dine in, many families opt to get their pizza to go and take it down to the pond just a few steps beyond Ya’OOO’s back door, where you’ll find picnic tables and plenty of ducks to watch.

WHAT TO DO in Mont-Tremblant

Of course, eating aside, you’re spending time at Mont-Tremblant because it’s an activity gold mine. Whether it’s a list of Tremblant’s summer activities—think zip-lining, dune buggies, Euro-bungee—or things to do in winter—because there’s so much more than just skiing—Traveling Mom Sarah Pittard and I have you covered.

The only thing left to do is figure out how long you can stay. My tip? As long as you can. Read these tips for family travel to Mont-Tremblant before you go.

Bon voyage!