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Family travel to cities is exhilarating, educational and expensiveβ€”unless you know where to find great local deals.

The best things about cities are their vitality and the sheer number of choices you have for things to do. On these pages, we offer local deals that make travel to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa and Toronto more affordable.

Those are some of our favorite cities. They are jam packed with museums, cultural events, architectural wonders and experiences you will want to share with your family.

Deals like the CityPASS and NY Pass bundle several attractions into one package, saving you money over the cost of buying each admission separately. Equally important: these package deals save you time. That’s because they allow you to skip the long lines waiting to buy tickets! That means you can make the most of your precious family vacation time.

Local Deals Save You Money

Some more ways to save money on a family vacation:

  • Check the websites of the attractions you want to visit. Even some of the world’s most renowned museums have times of day or days of the week when entry is free.
  • Check Groupon and other daily deals sites for the destination where you’re headed. Chances are there will be deals for area restaurants, maybe even tickets to local attractions.
  • Do the math. It’s possible it would be cheaper to buy a family membership to the attraction that buying day passes for each family member. This is especially if you have a large family.
  • Check the museums, zoos and aquariums near your home to see if a membership there will gain you admission to the museums, zoos and aquariums where you will be visiting. Zoos, museums and aquariums across the country belong to associations that grant reciprocal admissions.
  • Do the free stuff. Every destination has free, family friendly things to do. To find free things to do where you’re headed, check out our map of the free things to do in the US.

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