Ever since Disney bought the Star Wars franchise, fans have been in high debate over whether or not it was a welcomed move. There were those who said Disney may ruin the franchise, and others said Disney would revive the franchise. If the crowds pouring into Tomorrowland during Season of The Force are any indication, then Disney has revived the franchise and breathed new life into the Force. Season of The Force brings new rides, new foods and new experiences to the park.  One aspect of Star Wars that has caused possibly the biggest lines in Tomorrowland are the collectibles and Season of the Force merchandise.  The good news is there is truly something for everyone in the family!

Bb8 Sipper Season of the Force Merchandise

Photo Credit: Disney Parks


Bb-8 Season of the Force Merchandise

Photo Credit: Amy Barseghian / LifeStyle TravelingMom

We can’t start a list of awesome Star Wars gear at Disneyland during Season of The Force without starting with the breakout star of the new movie. BB-8 is a droid that was drawn up by J.J Abrams himself on a napkin and then brought to life by Lucas Film concept designer Christian Alzmann and head of creatures and robots Neal Scanlan. Now you can own your own mini version of the Season of the Force Merchandise for the Family at Disneylanddroid thanks to Sphero.

Ava likes to wear the BB-8 hat, but it seems everyone
regardless of age likes to drink from him in the form of a sipper cup!


Clothes Wars

Disney fans everywhere know that the best place to get Disney inspired clothes is in the parks. Now that Season of The Force is in full swing, Star Wars inspired clothing is plentiful. From tops and shirts to shoes and socks, Star Wars clothing is easy to find.

Season of the Force Merchandise Boots

Photo Credit: Amy Barseghian / LifeStyle TravelingMom

For women you can find these amazing pair of Star Wars boots with a heel stem that is a light saber and even lights up. For men, hoodies are plentiful and even baby “Christmas sweater” shirts inspired by Star Wars are all available.


Here is where things can get a little crazy. The passion and drive that Star Wars fans and Disney fans have been what bring them together. When that passion is there, though, it could cause collectibles to go fast, or make you go slow…in line. There are plenty of collectibles from Star Wars pins to legos and figures, but two collectibles need a little planning if you plan on getting them.

At one popcorn stand in Tomorrowland, right across from Star Wars Launch Bay is a collectible that has caused this stand to have a line from opening to close that takes about an hour to get through when full – the coveted popcorn Tie Fighter popcorn bucket.

Tie Fighter Popcorn Bucket at DIsneyland Season of the Force Merchandise

Photo Credit: Disney Parks

The second collectible can be found at the lemonade stand next to the popcorn stand or at the Pizza Port – the BB-8 Sippy Cup. Both are causing lines that compete with HyperSpace Mountain so be sure you plan your day if these are on your list.

No matter what you want to get, Disneyland has something for you that has been inspired by Star Wars. Books, comics, toys, clothes, stuffed animals, figurines, calendars, cookware, paintings, posters, music, keychains, hats, costumes and so much more. Tomorrowland is now your one stop shop for all things Star Wars during Season of The Force.