Disneyland Resort Hotels each have uniquely-themed swimming pools and recreation areas that are the perfect fit for every family member. There are splash areas for toddlers, speedy water slides for the more adventurous-types and warm and bubbly whirlpools for those who just want to relax. Including the creative theming, each Disneyland Resort Hotel pool offers a little something different. The Disneyland Resort Hotel pool areas are excellent for an entire day of entertainment on an off-day from the Parks.

What You Need to Know About a Day at the Pool at Disneyland Resort Hotels

Making a splash at the Disneyland Resort! – Photo Credit: Julie Bigboy/Day Trips TravelingMom

Disneyland Resort Hotels Swimming Pools

Looking to make a splash at the Disneyland Resort but aren’t sure what to expect of the pools at each hotel? Each of the uniquely themed pools at the Disneyland Resort offer something different with enjoyable details for each person in your family. Disneyland Resort Hotel swimming pools are reason enough for our me to choose to stay onsite for my Disneyland vacations! But there are a few things you should know before jumping in the pool at the Disneyland Resort Hotels. Read on for details and tips about what you need to know about the pools at the Disneyland Resort hotels.

Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & SpaTMOM-disclosure-graphic

With the striking backdrop of the hotel, the pool area at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa is an elegant and beautiful respite that offers a very natural and “woodsy” feel. There are three pools here, including the Fountain Pool, Redwood Pool and Mariposa Pool.

What You Need to Know About a Day at the Pool at Disneyland Resort Hotels

Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa pool area – Photo Credit: Julie Bigboy/Day Trips TravelingMom

The Redwood Pool is the one that my children spent the most time in on our visit because of the water slides. There is a short slide at one end for younger kids as well as a 90-foot-long water slide that curves around the giant stump of a faux redwood tree, which certainly sets the tone and theme for this location! With the kids occupied for a while, my husband  set off for one of the whirlpool hot tubs to relax.

On the afternoon of our visit, every chaise lounge was taken. Fortunately there are rock walls along the perimeter of the pool area where I was able to sit in the shade and watch my kids descend the water slide. Not quite as comfy as the lounge chairs looked but I would venture to say that if we’d arrived earlier in the day we could have secured a cushy chair in the shade. For dining poolside, White Water Snacks is nearby so guests can grab a sandwich or a snack.

What You Need to Know About a Day at the Pool at

A spin around a redwood at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa pool – Photo Credit: Julie Bigboy/Day Trips TravelingMom

I appreciated the sophisticated details here, like the butterflies on the entrance gate, artisan-crafted turtle fountain and the large potted floral arrangements. A nice touch was the ice water and cups set out for guests to enjoy. While Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa is the more luxurious of the three resort hotels, the pool area was still a comfortable place to relax.

Paradise Pier Hotel

This third-floor pool area offers amazing views and more! We’ve stayed here many times and my big kids enjoy going back and forth between the Paradise Pool and California Streamin’, their classic water slide. I find the single pool to be pretty standard and lacking in any theming. The water slide however is the highlight here and often has a lengthy line. I do like that younger guests can ride since it splashes down into a shallow, enclosed space rather than a larger pool of water.

What You Need to Know About a Day at the Pool at

A roof top water slide with a view at the Paradise Pier Hotel – Photo Credit: Julie Bigboy/Day Trips TravelingMom

My littlest one likes dipping his toes in the shallow Children’s Pool. There are chairs encircling this space which makes it perfect for tiny tots to splash close by watching parents. And of course if you just need to relax, the Paradise Spa whirlpool hot tub is available here.

The Sand Bar offers outdoor dining, though they’ve never been open on the times/days we’ve visited. That’s something to keep in mind if you like to nibble poolside, so ask first at Guest Services.

Though theming is light in this area, it’s one pool area that really draws guests into the Disney spirit once night falls. Return in the evenings and you’ll see that the pool area sparkles at night as well! You can view the Disneyland fireworks show from this roof top space and music is piped in over the loudspeakers.

Disneyland Hotel

I’ll admit that I saved my favorite for last! Spending time at the Disneyland Hotel pool area is always one of the highlights of our vacation memories. We have spent many afternoons here swimming under the sun or relaxing in the warm whirlpool.

What You Need to Know About a Day at the Pool at Disneyland Resort Hotels

Disneyland Hotel pool area – Photo Credit: Julie Bigboy/Day Trips TravelingMom

There is truly something here for everyone; My husband enjoys soaking in either the Mickey or Minnie Whirlpool Spas. My big kids like to swim laps in the E-Ticket or D-Ticket pools. And you’d be hard pressed to pull my preschooler away from the Monorail Pool!  Two large water slides (180-foot-long and 80-foot-long) make a big splash and are replicas of the original Mark 1 Monorail trains. The 2-lane mini slide is perfect for little ones who love to splash in the zero entry pool area with pop jets, fountains and a waterfall.

For my family, with children in a range of ages from preschooler to tween, it can be a challenge to keep track of everyone in this sprawling space. There are stairs and a bridge that separate the water slide area from the pools making it difficult to see from one area to another. I choose a “home space” lounge chair and request that my older kids check back in with me frequently.

There are two dining areas located near the Disneyland Hotel pool. Poolside service and drinks are offered from the Trader Sam’s – Enchanted Tiki Bar during certain times. We have also picked up food from Tangaroa Terrace and enjoyed our lunch on a chaise in the shade.

What You Need to Know About a Day at the Pool at

A perfect slide for preschoolers at the Disneyland Resort Hotel pool – Photo Credit: Julie Bigboy/Day Trips TravelingMom

The retro-theming of this swimming space is most heavily Disney-influenced of all the Disneyland Resort Hotels. From the Disneyland marquee (that lights up and glows beautifully at night) to the replica monorail water slides, this is a whimsical and lively place to spend the day. We often book an “off-day” from the parks during our Disneyland vacations just to spend more time playing and swimming at the Disneyland Hotel pool.

What Can You Expect Poolside?

  • There are nearby bathrooms at each resort pool, with showers outside for rinsing off.
  • Towels are supplied poolside, so no need to bring one from your hotel room.
  • Lifeguards on duty at posted times. They will often remind children about walking and not running and to follow the rules of the pool.
  • For babies and toddlers, there are swim diapers provided as well as life jackets. I always put a life jacket on my son, even though he knows how to swim because the hotel pools can be a bit more crowded and he therefore gets jostled more in the water.
  • Pools and whirlpool tubs offer accessibility services for all guests
  • Pools can be subject to closure during the day for cleaning (or if a guest has an “accident”).In our experience, the resorts have never closed all the pools at the hotel at the same time and guest can easily move from one pool to another during closure.
  • What You Need to Know About a Day at the Pool at Disneyland Resort Hotels

    Little details that make a big difference at the Disneyland Resort pool areas – Photo Credit: Julie Bigboy/Day Trips TravelingMom

Tips to Add in Extra Fun

Afternoons when the sun is high are naturally the most popular swimming times. Arrive early in the day to acquire a chaise lounge. When you’re done with your chair, remove your towels and bags so that another family may use the chair (you’d be surprised how many people “reserve” chairs and then leave the pool, which is very frustrating if you’re trying to find a place to sit!)

What You Need to Know About a Day at the Pool at Disneyland Resort Hotels

Life jackets are provided for young guests – Photo Credit: Julie Bigboy/Day Trips TravelingMom

Private Poolside Cabanas are offered to guests staying at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa or the Disneyland Hotel. If you’re trying to maximize the poolside relaxation, you can rent a luxurious cabana for either a half or full day. Each cabana includes cable television, mini fridge with bottled water, complimentary fruit platter and shaded lounging space. A cabana server will also be available to take your food and beverage order.

Pool Parties are offered seasonally at different times (depending upon the resort) and include an hour of games, music and dancing. Check with the Resort hotel guest services or more information.

What is your favorite part about the Disneyland Resort Hotel pools? Share with us in the comments!

What You Need to Know About a Day at the Pool at