Disney’s California Adventure is about to get an upgrade for which winos and foodies have been waiting. The Food and Wine Festival is coming back to the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. While we may have to wait a while until the festival begins, we don’t have to wait for good food, drinks and snacks at Disneyland. While adult style snacks aren’t sold at those stands scattered around the parks, they aren’t nonexistent. Instead, they are hidden away, where an adult can get away from it all and enjoy them. After all, adult snacks at Disneyland deserves the same ambiance and enjoyment that children get to experience.

Truffles Adult Snacks at Disneyland

Photo Credit: Disney

Diamond Celebration Truffles

Truffles aren’t always for adults only, but look in the right places and you will find some with adult only ingredients. Carthay Circle and Steakhouse 55 both have a selection of Diamond Celebration  truffles that are great adult snacks. Even better, they don’t require a reservation to get them. Walk right into either of the above locations and simply ask to order the truffles to go.

5 Best Adult Snacks at Disneyland

Photo Credit: Amy Barseghian / Lifestyle TravelingMom

Pimm’s Punch

We all know that most adult snacks can be translated to cocktails. Disneyland may not be the place to get a drink with a punch but California Adventure has what you need. Carthay Circle is where you will find Pimm’s Punch. A drink designed to be like an adult fruit punch and is quite refreshing.

Mickeys Fun Wheel Adult Snacks at Disneyland

Photo Credit: Disney

Mickey’s Fun Wheel

Disneyland is known for their secrets that are in plain sight. You can make a full trip focused on just finding them all and documenting them yourself. One secret, to get you started is the Mickey’s Fun Wheel secret drink. This is for adults only and is one of many secret drinks that you can order at Cove Bar, Carthay Circle Lounge or Steakhouse 55.

Anything at Sonoma Terrace

California Adventure is an homage to California itself and as such, the park has their own Napa Valley. Pressed against the back of Grizzly Peak is the terrace that offers wine, craft beers and great finger foods. It’s hard to pick just one, so be sure to carve out an hour or two for wine and beer tasting.

Shrimp Tacos

Sonoma Terrace Adult Snacks at Disneyland

Photo Credit: Disney

Outside of Disneyland, by the Disneyland Hotel, you will find Trader Sam’s. Here you can get a stiff drink in the jungle, just avoid getting your head shrunken. Instead, enjoy shrimp tacos with your drink. There’s just something about tacos and alcohol that mesh well together.

Take a break in between the churros and the Dole whips and get an adult snack at Disneyland. Be sure to appreciate the scenery and the trouble the Disneyland Resort goes through to make sure you can enjoy the snacks.