Do you want to visit Disneyland soon? Are you unsure whether to book your trip due to the recent renovations and temporary closures of some of the rides?  This Traveling Mom went there this past April and can say with certainty that there are at least 4 reasons why you and your family should still visit Disneyland this year and next year.

Want to visit Disneyland this year? All aboard!

Want to visit Disneyland this year? All aboard! Photo by Kristi Mehes, Multidimensional TravelingMom.

Is your family unsure whether to visit Disneyland and California Adventure this year?  You’ve likely heard of the temporary closure of some of the attractions, like Tom Sawyer Island and the Disneyland Train, until construction is completed with Star Wars Land. My family and I have been to Disneyland three times in the past two years. We’ve never been there when all the rides and attractions are open. Even with three-day park hoppers, we still aren’t able to see everything. That’s why I’m chiming in here with 4 reasons why a visit to Disneyland is still worth it, even after the Diamond celebration ends in September.

New Characters

Zootopia was one of Disney’s biggest grossing films of this year. Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps became household names, and with that meant new appearances at California Adventure. Nick and Judy were also joined by Marvel characters Captain America and Spiderman.

This meant that not only the children were excited to have their pictures taken with the characters, but so were the adults! My son, at almost 4 years old, loves superheroes, and this resulted in frame worthy photo opportunities. My son saluted Captain America, hung out with Spiderman and my husband insisted on having his own picture taken with Captain America AND Spiderman.

New characters, like Captain America, present fun photo opportunities for everyone that visit Disneyland, Photo by Kristi Mehes

New characters, like Captain America, present fun photo opportunities for everyone.  Photo by Kristi Mehes, Multidimensional TravelingMom.

TravlingMom Tip: Make sure you download the official Disneyland app to check the times and locations for character meet-n-greets. Also, just because the app says that characters are available for meet-n-greets at a certain time, don’t take it for granted that if you arrive during that timeframe, you’ll still be able to have a picture taken with some of the characters.   A cast member told my husband to start getting in line 15 minutes before the listed time for Nick and Judy.  I stood in line 30 minutes before the listed time, and there were already people in front of me. Once Nick and Judy arrived, people who arrived at the beginning of the listed time were turned away, and told that the line was already closed.

New Attractions

Several attractions have been replaced in the last couple of months, especially at California Adventure.   Two attractions that have premiered this summer are Soarin’ (which replaced Soarin’ Over California) and Frozen at the Hyperion (a Broadway type show that has replaced Aladdin).

Cars Land also debuted a new ride in the spring: Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadster, which replaced another ride, Luigi’s Flying Tires.

Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters in Cars Land is one of the newer attractions at Disneyland this year, Photo by Kristi Mehes.

Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters in Cars Land is one of the reasons to visit Disneyland this year.  Photo by Kristi Mehes, Multidimensional TravelingMom.

My family and I loved the new addition. Basically, you sit in a roadster which dances along with music, like Mambo Italiano.

TravelingMom Tip: Because it’s one of the newer rides, be prepared to wait in longer lines as the day progresses.  The earlier you arrive there, the less waiting you will have for you and your family. And while someone is holding your place in line, you can always grab a delicious ice cream cone at Cozy Cone Motel.

Classic Rides

Even though some of the attractions are closed, there are still plenty of things to do, including some of the rides that aren’t currently operable. For example, even though you can’t ride the Disneyland train, you can still sit in it as well as help the train engineer pull the whistle. This was one of the highlights of the day for my train-obsessed son. And who doesn’t love the classics like Peter Pan’s Flight, which was recently updated?

Just because the Disneyland train isn't running, doesn't mean you can't sit inside it if you visit Disneyland this year. Photo by Kristi Mehes.

Just because the Disneyland train isn’t running, doesn’t mean you can’t sit inside it if you visit Disneyland this year.  Photo by Kristi Mehes, Multidimensional TravelingMom.

Star Wars

Due to the popularity of the recent Star Wars movie, Disneyland Park has two new attractions: Star Wars Launch Bay and Hyperspace Mountain (which is currently replacing Space Mountain).

At Star Wars Launch Bay, you can view memorabilia from the movie as well as participate in a meet-n-greet with Kylo Ren and Chewbacca. The Launch Bay is located near Hyperspace Mountain and my family loved the Star Wars spin that was given to Space Mountain.

TravelingMom Tip: The lines for the meet-n-greet can get extremely long, so may the force be with you. A cast member told us that Kylo Ren can be intimidating to younger children, so we opted out of that particular meet-n-greet. But Chewbacca was a family favorite.

Changes to Disneyland are certainly coming. But until then, there’s plenty to do and enjoy. There’s a reason why it’s known as the happiest place on Earth.

Four Reasons to Visit Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, an iconic landmark at Disneyland Park. Photo by Kristi Mehes, Multidimensional TravelingMom.