Have you thought about taking your family to see the waterfalls in Iceland? Or to visit Montana to check out the glamping craze? You can do all of the planning and work to take those trips on your own, or you can do them via an organized family tour. We’re fans of Adventures by Disney, the company that offers organized family tours with the Disney difference. Here are the Adventures by Disney 2018 tour destinations.

Adventures by Disney 2018 tours include trips to Berlin.

Catching the Oberbaum Bridge at sunset is a highlight of a trip to Berlin. Photo: Allison Kopf

What is Adventures by Disney?

I do the vacation planning in my family. It many hours to…

  • research a destination
  • book flights and hotels
  • plan the daily itineraries
  • make sure everyone has a good time.

To put it another way, it’s exhausting.

For this reason, I’ve started looking at organized family tours for our next family vacation and Adventures by Disney is the leader of the pack. It offers group tours to bucket list destinations on 6 continents. And each of the journeys includes Disney magic, just like the Disney park experience.

That’s the Disney difference.


What’s Included in an Adventures by Disney Vacation?

Families traveling with Adventures by Disney can expect small group tours with two Disney Adventure Guides, seamless luggage service, hotels meeting high Disney standards for quality and cleanliness, and family-friendly meals with options for all.

What are the New 2018 Adventures by Disney?

For 2018, Adventures by Disney introduces a new destination, re-imagines several popular tours and invites families to explore the “Great Outdoors” in North America. Here are the Adventures by Disney 2018 highlights:

Iceland’s Magic Landscape

I packed up friends and family to visit Iceland a few years ago. It’s amazing, even though we went in the middle of January with only about 6 hours of daylight. In 2018, Adventures by Disney will offer an 8-day, 7-night trip exploring this popular destination.

Adventures by Disney 2018 tours travel to Iceland, a popular destination.

Iceland is a magical destination, famous for its waterfalls, geysers, puffins and glorious glaciers. Photo: Cathy Bennett Kopf/Optimism TravelingMom

Known for its awesome waterfalls, Iceland also has breathtaking glaciers and beaches composed of lava rock. The Adventures by Disney vacation includes a horseback ride on the country’s unique small horses.

Germany Itinerary Gets a Plus One – Berlin!

The Adventures by Disney Germany tour begins in Munich and includes introductions to 2 key elements of Bavarian culture – beer and pretzels. Guests travel through the gorgeous countryside to visit what’s rumored to be Walt Disney’s inspiration for Cinderella Castle – Neuschwanstein.

2018 Adventures by Disney destinations include Germany and Neuschwanstein Castle.

Bavaria is breathtaking with snow-capped mountains and castles. Photo: Cathy Bennett Kopf/Optimism TravelingMom

The newly designed 2018 Adventures by Disney itinerary includes a visit to the formerly divided capital city of Berlin. You can walk the streets where so much history happened. It’s a great way for your kids to learn while having fun.

Natural Marvels in Costa Rica

Rainforests and volcanoes, just two of the diverse features of the Costa Rican eco-system, are the featured highlights of this tour.

Adventures by Disney 2018 tours include Costa Rica.

Teaching TravelingMom @kidsareatrip says your family will love the adventure you find on an Adventures by Disney Costa Rica trip. Check out how much fun her family is having on the white water rafting trip down the Sarapiquí river! Photo: Kirsten Maxwell/Teaching TravelingMom

Teaching TravelingMom Kirsten Maxwell and her family loved the number and variety of adventures during their Costa Rican vacation. Their group ranged in age from 9 to over 60. If someone didn’t want to zipline, Disney offered alternate activities so everyone was engaged and entertained.

Exploring Culture in Ireland

Many Americans claim Ireland as their European homeland, so the country already is a popular destination. This tour is recommended for families with wee ones (minimum age: 4; suggested age: 6+) For 2018, Adventures by Disney has reimagined the itinerary to explore the rich layers of Celtic culture.

Adventures by Disney Tours in 2018 visit Dublin Ireland.

Dublin’s oldest pedestrian bridge is also its prettiest. The Ha’penny Bridge. Photo: Cathy Bennett Kopf/Optimism TravelingMom

This 8-day, 7-night tour includes a visit to one of Dublin’s most popular attractions, the Guinness storehouse, travel to a castle via horse drawn cart, and lessons on the ins and outs of the ancient sport of hurling. Perhaps the most charming tour activity is a shamrock hunt, designed to delight Junior Adventurers.

Additional Departure Dates for North America

I’m happy to fork over a portion of my hard-earned tax dollars to support our National Parks. If you’ve been, you know what a treasure they are and if you haven’t, it’s time for you to plan a trip to explore America’s Great Outdoors.

TravelingDad Tim Jones raves about the Adventure Guides on his Adventure by Disney trip to Utah and Arizona. Their knowledge and attention is part of the Disney Difference.

Adventures by Disney 2018 tours include beautiful western U.S. destinations like Utah.

The Jones family is all smiles after taking an Adventures by Disney hike to Delicate Arch in Utah. Photo: Tim Jones/TravelingDad

Adventures by Disney has added more departure dates for popular North American destinations in 2018. The Adventures by Disney Montana trip is high up on my bucket list; it features glamping accommodations, a dude ranch experience and Yellowstone.

Popular Adventures by Disney Destinations

Asia, Africa and Australia

Why choose an organized family tour to these exotic and untamed destinations? Because traveling with kids to these far-flung continents can be intimidating. Some of the featured experiences on an Adventures by Disney tour:

  • Photograph an African safari.
  • Walk the Great Wall of China.
  • Visit an ancient Buddhist temple.
  • Snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef.

    Adventures by Disney 2018 tours include an African safari.

    Have “safari” on your bucket list? Adventures by Disney can take you there. Photo: Cathy Bennett Kopf/Optimism TravelingMom

Central and South America

Because family travel is about making memories, it’s wonderful to share experiences like learning all about the rainforest and its diverse inhabitants. Adventures by Disney offers trips to Peru, Ecuador and the fascinating Galapagos Islands.


Adventures by Disney travels to Western Europe’s major countries:  Spain, Italy, Denmark, England, France, Greece and Switzerland. What makes these trips memorable are the behind-the-scenes tours and experiences that only Disney can arrange–including a coveted private tour of the Louvre?

North America

In addition to Great Outdoors destinations, popular Adventures by Disney tours head to America’s historic cities: New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Washington D.C..

Disney Adventure Guides handle the museum admissions, book your hotel and find restaurants for finicky eaters. You’ll be left to answer the inevitable question “How’d the Liberty Bell get cracked?”

Disney Cruise Line and River Cruises

In addition to Adventures by Disney land tours, the company offers water-based tours–Disney Cruise Line packages to Northern Europe and the Mediterranean and intimate European river cruises onboard luxury river cruise line AmaWaterways, Some of the cruises are for all ages; a new one for 2018 focuses on food and wine and is for adults only.Want to take your family to Iceland? Or try a river cruise? Disney is the expert in vacation magic. Here's where Adventures by Disney is headed in 2018.

How do you Book an Adventures by Disney 2018 Vacation?

Contact our partners at Destinations in Florida, Disney vacation planning experts for customized help planning your Adventures by Disney vacation. We have an affiliate relationship with Destinations in Florida. If you book through the service, you will help support TravelingMom in addition to getting the help you need to book an organized family tour for your next family vacation.