Even if you aren’t a “die hard” Disney fan, you’ll want to consider Disney Cruise Line as an option for your next cruise vacation. Disney has a lot to offer different types of cruisers from seniors to honeymooners to families with little ones. Consider all your options for cruise travel when planning your next adventure.

5 Reasons to Choose Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line Terminal in Port Canaveral Florida. Photo Credit: Sarah Gilliland

My family members and I are huge fans of all things Disney. From the animated films to the parks and resorts, our love for Disney encompasses a huge part of who we are. Our twins have been to Walt Disney World six times in their short five years of life, and we are typically planning our next Disney vacation before the last one is even over. With all the Disney love flowing through our family, we still hadn’t had the opportunity to try out a Disney Cruise Line vacation. That all changed in February of 2016 when we sailed on the Disney Magic for the first time. I could write for days about all of our fun experiences, but, for now, I will share my top five reasons to cruise with Disney Cruise Line.

The Disney Difference

5 Reasons to Choose Disney Cruise Line

Meeting Rapunzel Onboard the Disney Magic. Photo Credit: Sarah Gilliland

What does the “Disney Difference” mean? It means the high standard of service and fun you’ve come to expect from other Disney vacations continues when you sail with Disney Cruise Line. When we’ve met characters in the past at Walt Disney World, we always had to plan those meets very carefully so as not to waste hours of our day in line, which can happen when you have twins who are interested in very different characters. On the Disney Magic, we walked up to the Port Adventures desk, asked for tickets to the character meets, and were given an exact time to come back and meet. When we arrived at our designated time, the meet and greet took no more than 20 minutes and we met five princesses, 1 queen, and 1 snowman. The ability to watch my twins meet characters and quickly move on to the next fun adventure was a highlight of my vacation.


The Private Island

5 Reasons to Choose Disney Cruise Line

Medals for Completing the Castaway Cay 5k Run. Photo Credit: Sarah Gilliland

Other cruise lines have their own islands, so what makes Disney’s private island in the Bahamas worth your time? One of my family’s favorite aspects of the island was being able to participate in the runDisney Castaway Cay 5K. Each ship that has an itinerary stop at Castaway Cay has the ability to organize the 5K run for passengers who want to participate. Unlike other runDisney races, there is no extra fee to join in the fun, and it is much less structured in terms of how many runners can participate and the level of skill needed to run (it’s not necessary to submit proof of time from other races to participate). Our family also loved all of the “Disney touches” around the island including character meets, themed décor, and Castaway Cay only merchandise that is not available anywhere else.

The Entertainment

5 Reasons to Choose Disney Cruise Line

The Animator’s Palate on the Disney Magic. Photo Credit: Sarah Gilliland

On each night of our cruise, we were treated to a Broadway-style musical featuring classic Disney tales with a different twist. Our family was privileged to see the newest show on the Disney Magic, Tangled: The Musical, our first night onboard. It was an exciting retelling of the animated film, complete with impressive scenery and a few new musical tunes added in. We also loved the “Sail Away Party” and the “Pirates in the Caribbean” deck party that encouraged passengers to mix and mingle while dancing to today’s hit songs and waving at your favorite Disney character all dressed up in the pirate garb. In my opinion, the caliber and quality of entertainment Disney offers on their ships adds incredible value to your overall vacation experience.

The Food

Speaking of adding value, I could not get enough of the food offerings on the Disney Magic. Each night we were treated to a different set of flavors via the different dining rooms onboard. My girls’ favorite restaurant was the Animator’s Palate because the walls changed from black and white animations to colored animations by the time our dinner was through (a very entertaining concept for the little ones). I enjoyed my meal at Carioca’s, which had a South American flare, because of the warm, well-seasoned beef empanada appetizer and the moist, salty-yet-sweet flavor of the barbecue chicken main course. My husband’s favorite meal was the escargot appetizer and steak main course from Lumiere’s. Even the buffet-style meals at Cabana’s are flavorful and fresh, not dry and old like one would expect most buffets to be. If you consider yourself a foodie, you’re going to want to try all the foods you can while onboard your Disney Cruise Line vessel.

The Amenities

5 Reasons to Choose Disney Cruise Line

Marvel’s Avengers Academy Onboard the Disney Magic. Photo Credit: Sarah Gilliland

While some cruise ships charge for childcare and activities, Disney Cruise Line includes most of the kid’s clubs and activities in the price of your cruise (It’s A Small World Nursery for infants does charge a fee for care). My twins were absolutely thrilled they would get to take part in Marvel’s Avenger’s Academy while onboard the Disney Magic. Not only did they get to participate in an important mission with Captain America himself, they created crafts, played in Andy’s Room, and had story time with Pluto! One twin is very much into superheroes and adventures, and the other twin has a calmer, more artistic side. Both girls were entertained in the kids’ area, which made mom and dad happy too. On the adult side of things, my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the free room service. Yes, you read that right. The room service was free. We tipped our staff, of course, but we didn’t pay any extra for our delectable fruit and cheese platter (also known to DCL veterans as the “All Hands on Deck” platter) delivered directly to our stateroom. Do you know what else we loved? Unlimited soft drinks and ice cream all day, every day. No soda card to keep up with. No ordering dessert on the pool deck. Simply walk up to a soda or the “eye-scream” machine with your cup or cone and fill it up! It may sound a little silly, but it’s really the simple things in life that make me the happiest.

5 Reasons to Choose Disney Cruise Line

I could go on and on about all of the amazing reasons to choose Disney Cruise Line for your next cruise vacation, but I hope I’ve at least piqued your interest enough to discover more for yourself. Sail away with Mickey, and you’ll be making memories that will last a lifetime.