ziplining_in_CopanDid you know that Copan is home to one of the longest ziplines in the world? Zip lining in Copan, Honduras with Canopy Tours was hands down the highlight of our weekend getaway! Ziplining is not hard, but it is a good workout! I was surprised at how easy it was to adjust your speed and stop; it takes almost no skill to be successful. I truly think anyone can zip line.

They picked us up in a couple of old trucks and drove us south of town to the bottom of the zip lines. My kids actually thought it was exciting to ride in the back of a pickup truck. They had never done that before. Once we arrived, they put on our harnesses and gave us gloves and a helmet. They gave instructions along with a demonstration that took about five minutes. Then we got back into the trucks and drove to the top of the course, which was made up of 14 lines. The longest line is 1 kilometer!

The views from up there were amazing, you could see the town of Copan, other towns, mountains, rivers, lakes, Copán Ruins, and all kinds of other stuff. Some lines were incredibly high up and others were not. Some got you going really fast, but others are so long you can stall out if you’re not going fast enough.

Zip lining with kids went great.  All three kids went tandem and they loved it.  My 10 year old went a few times by himself once he felt comfortable and understood how to do it. The other two didn’t have a choice since they are only 7 and 4. They had to have an escort down the lines. Yes, they let my 4 year old zip line! My husband and I were relaxed enough that we went solo from the start. If we had not been, we could have had an escort as well. One of the other adults with us was uncomfortable and was immediately assigned an escort and then went tandem from that point forward. The guides showed off doing all kinds of crazy tricks down the lines such as going upside down and spinning around.

Our entire family had a blast.

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