Beijing International Christian Fellowship nurseryChristians moving to or living with their family in China often wonder about where to worship. There are actually a variety of choices in Beijing, and we go with our kids to the Zhongguancun branch of the Beijing International Christian Fellowship.
BICF is a large multi-denominational gathering with people from all over the world. While its primary services are only in English, there are also Mandarin services as well as congregations meeting in I believe six different languages. There are also small groups that meet throughout the week.

We and our kids enjoy attending. The nursery and Sunday School give the children a great spiritual education while mom and dad can also be spiritually refreshed and fellowship with other believers. 

Since it’s not under the government’s umbrella, local regulations limit attendance to foreign passport holders. So bring yours with you.

BICF is certainly not the only option and while state-run churches get a bad rap, there are plenty of genuine believers attending and in leadership at those as well. For the more liturgical minded, I have friends who are happy at Good Shepherd. See an earlier post of mine to see more about different church options.


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