Lion_AfricaNext year my husband is having a…well, let’s just say milestone…birthday.  To celebrate, we are taking the family on a South African Safari.  Everyone who we know who has gone has told us it’s the vacation of a lifetime.  And no doubt it will be.  I’m sure my kids will be incredibly excited about the trip….as soon as I mention it to them.

See, I haven’t mentioned the trip yet.  Never mind that I’ve been researching and planning it for weeks.  Never mind that I bought four plane tickets yesterday and wrote a heart-stroppingly huge check to hold our spot.  The trip isn’t for another eight months — and I just don’t think the kids need to know just yet.

I’m not even sure why I feel that way.  They are, at ten, certainly old enough to understand that the trip is a relatively long way in the future. I don’t think we’d get a lot of “are we there yets.” But somehow, the idea of telling them this far in advance feels dangerous.  Like we might jinx it.  Or they might decide they’d rather go somewhere else. (not that they get a vote!)Or one of them might fixate on a fear of lions, or elephants.

For now, planning the trip, researching, reading, talking to friends – all of that has been exciting.  So for now, I’m holding tight to that excitement, until I’m ready to share it – and the trip, with the rest of the family.