A chic, elegant all-inclusive resort, The Pyramid at Grand Oasis offers unique Cancun luxury in a lush tropical setting. Unmatched natural beauty and powder-white beaches kissed by turquoise water provide the backdrop for an ideal vacation. But, while offering all the usual amenities, The Pyramid offers so much more. From its distinctive pyramid shape to unexpected dining options to Cancun’s longest swimming pool, it exceeds expectations on all levels.

does the pyramid at grand oasis offer unique cancun luxury

A view of the pool at The Pyramid at Grand Oasis. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe TravelingMom.

If asked what I thought about Cancun before this trip, it would not have been a positive response. I probably would have said it’s a tacky, spring breaker destination for college kids. But from the moment I arrived, The Pyramid at Grand Oasis was impressive and proved my preconceived notions wrong. Foremost, thanks to the quick, VIP check-in service, I made a seamless transition from stressed-out travel mode to laid-back vacation mode in no time at all.

What Makes Unique Cancun Luxury at The Pyramid at Grand Oasis

  • It’s an all-inclusive resort that exceeds your expectations.
  • Guests have access to 5 other Oasis resorts which includes over 50 restaurants. But, Oasis guests do not have access to The Pyramid.
  • Smart car rentals are provided at the resort.
  • The resort boasts 3 of the top 10 restaurants in Cancun, including the #1 rated on TripAdvisor.

    are there a lot of dining options for unique cancan luxury at the pyramid at grand oasis

    Dining al fresco. Photo credit The Pyramid at Grand Oasis.

  • Restaurants offer unique dining experiences. We’re talking dining in total darkness, a Las Vegas type dinner show, and a molecular gastronomy concept.
  • Amazing entertainment including internationally renowned artists, boxing matches, burlesque shows, and comedy nights.
  • The Red Circus.
  • VIP check-in service.
  • Impeccable staff delivering service with attention to detail.
  • A luxurious spa taken to the next level and with treatments just for kids and teens

All-inclusive and unique Cancun luxury go hand in hand at The Pyramid at Grand Oasis.

The Resort

A quick 25 minutes from the Cancun International Airport, The Pyramid is literally an oasis at the Grand Oasis. Even though it offers everything you could want in a resort so you never have to leave, you do have access to 5 different Oasis resorts. This means you have lots of options for food and fun. You can get pampered at two spas and swim in Cancun’s longest swimming pool.

does the pyramid at grand oasis have nice family pools

Cooling off at The Pyramid at Grand Oasis. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe TravleingMom.

Then you can choose from over 50 different restaurants and countless opportunities for live entertainment. Not to mention, you’d be hard pressed to find a more pristine beach than the one right alongside the resort. The staff’s attentiveness to detail, their level of professionalism, and their friendliness just adds to the experience.

Accommodations at The Pyramid at Grand Oasis

The Pyramid at Grand Oasis has 232 rooms and suites; 56 of which boast picture-perfect views of sparking blue waters. In addition, there are 136 standard rooms and 40 Sian Ka’an rooms. These feature personalized guest services and optional access to a smart car. While it was tough to leave the comfort of my spacious, air conditioned suite, I did force myself. There’s nothing quite like jumping into the warm waves at the beach. So, I took full advantage.

do the rooms at The Pyramid at Grand Oasis feature unique Cancun luxury?

An ocean view room. Photo credit The Pyramid at Grand Oasis.

Rates for ocean front rooms start at $293.92.

The Beaches at The Pyramid

Activity-seeking guests can hit the beach and choose from a variety of non-motorized water sports. There are kayaks, aquatic bikes, paddle boards, and snorkeling. Those in need of invigorating exercise can choose classes such as yoga, Pilates, and water aerobics throughout the day.

I, however, often chose one of my favorite ways to spend the day. Lying out in the sunshine underneath the shade of both a palm tree and sun umbrella is perfection. The waves crashing in the background made for perfect ambient noise as I dozed off for short but sweet naps.

can you see unique cancun luxury at the beaches at The Pyramid at Grand Oasis

The pristine beach and cabanas. Photo credit The Pyramid at Grand Oasis.

Throughout the property are countless cabanas, hammocks, and peaceful beachside recliners. Trust me, these will help you get the most out of your time in paradise. I was a big fan of the personal cabana with its private waiter. Who wouldn’t want all the snacks and fun, tropical drinks that are absolutely necessary on a hot Cancun day? Once I was ready for a break from the sand and surf, I headed to the enormous, 490-yard serpentine pool. There I found three swim-up bars and four hammock areas.

Entertainment for Unique Cancun Luxury

I have never been to a resort that offered the kind of entertainment available to guests at The Pyramid. The choices are amazing and include internationally renowned artists, boxing matches, burlesque shows, and comedy nights. But the Red Circus is the most amazing of all.

I’m actually not sure where to put the Red Circus. Does it go under entertainment or cuisine? Guests looking for more of a high-energy dinner theater experience will love the Red Circus. It proves that Las Vegas isn’t the only place able to put on a grand show. Red Circus incorporates outstanding acrobatics, choreographed dance performances, and singing into the night’s extravaganza. Meanwhile, the audience is indulging in a multi-course meal.

The spa at the pyramid at grand oasis provides unique Cancun luxury.

Dining and entertainment at the Red Circus. Photo credit The Pyramid at Grand Oasis.

You’ll see performers swinging from the ceiling and masked actors walking through the dining area, not to mention seeing performative, sculptural costumes popping on and off the stage. This night of entertainment was certainly one of the highlights of my trip.

My attention was constantly divided between what was happening in the air and on stage, as well as what I was hearing. And you are equally kept on your toes when it comes to the food. Think mimetic garlic with blue cheese to start. Then, savor white tuna with warm rice foam, lemon air, ginger and potatoes for the entrée.

Cuisine at The Pyramid at Grand Oasis

As a guest at The Pyramid, you’ll have access to over 50 restaurants at the other 5 Oasis resorts in Cancun. This is besides the unbelievable on-site dining. Of course, this means you never have to eat the same thing twice and can select from every cuisine imaginable.

Most mornings I started off with a feast at the international buffet. The choices included a large variety of fresh fruit, made-to-order omelets, pastries, and countess breakfast specialties. That said, there are few things that beat starting your day off with breakfast in bed. So, be sure to treat yourself to a morning feast delivered to your room at least one of your days. You won’t regret it.

The Pyramid at Grand Oasis boasts 3 of the top 10 restaurants in Cancun on TripAdvisor. More specifically, it’s home to the number one restaurant out of over 800 in the area, Benazuza. A molecular gastronomy concept, Benazuza features course after course of innovatively plated bites as delicious as they are inventive.

The spa at the pyramid at grand oasis provides unique Cancun luxury.

Just one dessert while dining at The Pyramid at Grand Oasis. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe TravelingMom.

Expect the Unexpected

Benazuza doesn’t have a set menu and part of the concept is keeping what you’re going to be eating a surprise. Rarely is “what you see is what you get.” Try pork belly and ant larva…yes, you read that right. Tiny grilled corns and dessert that literally looks like it was taken off a forest floor are just a few of the options. Each new offering is an adventure for both the eyes and palate.

Also on property is The Black Hole, which offers a blind tasting experience via total darkness. Talk about an experience everyone should try at least once! Then, there’s the White Box. It’s a chic eatery featuring an extensive menu filled with tapas such as caramelized ribs and scallop ceviche. Hence, eating in a group of adventurous eaters is the best way to go at White Box. You’ll have the opportunity to try many tasty bites as you share your way through the menu. Most noteworthy, both of these restaurants consistently rank in the top ten on TripAdvisor as well.

Spa Treatments at The Pyramid

It’s not easy taking an already luxurious spa day to the next level. But, at Kin Ha Wellness Beach Spa, located at The Pyramid’s sister property Grand Oasis Palm, this wasn’t an issue. After slipping into my robe, my relaxing massage awaited in a vibrant, turquoise, ocean-side cabana. My professional masseuse put me immediately at ease. I actually fell asleep; a sign of a truly relaxing massage! Other rituals at the Beach Spa incorporate purification, detoxification and hydration properties. You can choose to have these on the shore or at the serene spa indoors.

The spa at the pyramid at grand oasis provides unique Cancun luxury.

A massage cabana at The Pyramid at Grand Oasis. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe TravelingMom.

Also at The Pyramid is Sensoria Health and Spa, which offers an even fuller range of treatments. The spa has everything you need to decompress. Think chocolate body scrubs, deep cleaning facials, and exotic Temazcal deep detoxification treatments. Many utilize ancestral healing traditions in order to heal and transform the body and mind. If you’re traveling with kids and teens, you don’t have to worry about them feeling left out. The resort offers treatments geared just for them, the whole family can relax together.

For more information, be sure to check out The Pyramid at Grand Oasis.