MonterricoBayARCAS of Guatemala is one of the most unique rescue centers in Central America. There are two centers:
1) Peten Region – where they are dedicated to saving trafficked birds and injured wildlife
2) Monterrico Beach – Hawaii Center – where their focus is 100% on saving marine turtles

Both centers are open for volunteers to come and stay, but the turtle hatchery and rescue area is most accessible for families to join in the fun without spending overnight in their facilities or traveling too far out of their travel route.
What makes a turtle rescue center important for our society?
1) Turtles, especially Leatherbacks, have become some of the most endangered species on the planet.
2) ARCAS has a huge hatchery where the eggs are reburied after the momma’s lay them on the beach
3) Patrolmen watch the area for poachers – the turtles’ biggest threat
4) Education center – small but to the point, helping kids understanding how important it is to save the turtle
5) Release program – Yearly there is a small festival where families, kids and locals can hold the tiny creatures after hatching and release them into the ‘big blue’ it’s what makes all the difference for the child.{youtube}7hfgWumlooQ{/youtube}

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