Thinking about a medical emergency while traveling with your family is probably one of the last things you want to think about. But sadly, they do happen more frequently than we’d like to admit. To ease the financial (and mental) burden for overseas travel, MedEvac Plans have come to the proverbial rescue. Think you don’t need a MedEvac Plan? Here’s four reasons you may want to consider purchasing one of these affordable plans–especially because one medical evacuation transport can cost $15,000. Or more.

Consider the out-of-pocket costs when choosing a MedEvac Plan is a must

Are MedEvac Plans affordable? Considering the cost to fly yourself back from international travel, yes. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Avoid Costly Emergencies with MedEvac Insurance

When my daughter was two years old, we began taking her on lengthy vacations. I remember planning for her first one to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in January. And, once the delight of shopping for summer clothes in the middle of winter wore off, my thoughts automatically turned to illness and what would happen if she got sick while we were on vacation. Scouring the internet, I looked for highly-rated hospitals and doctors just in case. Happily, all was well for the entirety of our trip.

But what would have happened if one of us had become severely ill and had to be transported to a hospital? For that first trip, I had no idea Medevac Plans even existed. Maybe you’re now in the same boat and have never heard of them or are just beginning to look into purchasing one. Here’s the scoop on Medevac Plans and some reasons to consider before making a decision either way.

What Is a MedEvac Plan?

Medical emergency evacuation insurance, or a MedEvac Plan for short, is a sort of global AAA for your health and well being. Each emergency travel insurance plan is a “members only” type of organization. You’ll be picked up if you are hospitalized and flown to the hospital of your choice, regardless of where your travels take you worldwide.


It gets even better (do I sound like a ‘emergency evacuation evangelist’ yet?). MedEvac Plan services can cover the whole family, which includes:

  •    College-age children away at school, often miles from a major medical center
  •    Stepchildren and foster children
  •    Family members living temporarily overseas
  •    Family members on a cruise (a more involved process, but doable)
  •    People that go overseas to adopt a child can add that child as a member before they leave the country

There are also additional program offers, such as translation services in case you need a go-between with a physician who is not familiar with English.  

Peace of mind with medevac plans: you'll be taken to your ghospital of choice, not just the closest one.

Will MedEvac Plans take you to your hotel of choice even if it’s thousands of miles away from home? Yep! Photo Credit: Pixabay.

1. Your Health Insurance May Not Cover Transporation

Traditional travel insurance also usually includes emergency medical evacuation, but to the nearest hospital. This means that if you are hospitalized in a remote area of India, you will be transported to a hospital in a bigger city…in India.  With a MedEvac Plan, you choose the hospital, period.

Getting ready for international travel with your family? Here's four reasons to consider a MedEvac Plan - and peace of mind should illness happen.

2. MedEvac Plans Are Affordable

Sounds great, but is it economical for an infrequent flyer (3 to 4 trips per year)? It turns out the cost is very reasonable for families. I checked the internet and found that annual MedEvac Plans can be purchased for under $400 per year. Also, you’re only planning on traveling once a year, there’s short term plans available for up to 30 days as well. 

3. MedEvac Plans Include Domestic Travel

As a gal that road trips constantly, knowing that I, along with my family, would be covered here in the states is good news.  Let’s take my semi-annual trips to Walt Disney World as an example. Say I had a medical emergency. Or my husband got really sick. Or our 16-year old daughter got super sick. Sure, we’d have no problem finding a hospital on our travels around Disney World. Furthermore, what if it was something serious and required hospitalization? Or what if we flew in and had no car?

MedEvac Plans will transport me and my family to my own hospital in Pittsburgh. We could have flown home on our own, true, but on a commercial aircraft we would have had to pay a huge penalty cost. 

Do a lot of extreme sports travel? A MedEvac Plan may be exactly what you need.

The kids into extreme sports? You definitely may want to consider a MedEvac Plan. Photo Credit: Pixabay

4. MedEvac Plans Cover “Extreme Travel”

Into extreme sports or travel by motorbike? No problem. Biker moms are charged an small additional fee, but extreme athletes are part of the normal program. Of course, there are exceptions, so check with your company of choice or peruse its website.  Even better, go to its FAQ page for quick reference. The service will not send aircraft into countries where the US State Department has issued travel restrictions, and travelers with tuberculosis—like the Atlanta attorney whose escapades turned into an international incident—will not be transported.

Bonus: You Can Pay for Add-On Services to Suit Your Travel Needs

with MedEvac Plans like MedJet Assist, you are able to add on additional benefits.

  •    International cell phone (you pay only shipping and call charges)
  •    Access to on-line medical records
  •    Cash advance up to $50K for medical emergencies
  •    Travel security service (a “danger assessment” of every station on your travel itinerary)

Finally, if you are not a member and are medically evacuated from another country and returned home? The average cost is $15,000.