roaringlionFor my husband’s 50th birthday we have planned a spectacular, dig into the savings trip. We are going to South Africa – leaving one week from today! We knew going in that the trip would cost most than any other we’d ever taken. The flights were a fortune, the safari a lot.  But you only turn 50 once, right?  So we bit the bullet, and spent the cash. We’ve been fully paid up for months.

Or so I thought.

Because in the past few weeks, the expenses just keep on coming.

First, there was the visit to the Travel Specialist.  My husband thought it was ridiculous, but none of our regular doctors would tell us exactly what shots we needed and didn’t.  So off to the specialist we went.  Ka-ching.

Then there was the medicine itself. We needed antibiotics just in case. (covered by insurance.) And Malaria Pills, because it’s the rainy season.  Not covered by insurance. Ka-ching Ka-ching.

I hadn’t thought about the dog. Here in NY, it costs $50 a day to board him. (We go with a person – not a kennel. Much more civilized.) Ka-ching again.

There was the luggage we needed to buy, because nothing could have wheels.  The clothing the kids needed because nothing could be brightly colored.

So let this be a warning to anyone planning a special trip.  When you are budgeting for it, think of all the hidden costs: supplies, and shots, and medications. Visa applications, baggage fees.

I am thrilled to be going, and will write from there, keeping you all posted on my trip. But the hidden costs just keep on coming.  So I keep on repeating to myself: You only turn 50 once. You only turn 50 once.  Of course, I may never even hit 50.  Because planning and paying for this trip?  Well, it just might kill me.