Tai O fishing village Hong KongWhen on a family visit to Hong Kong, if you have the chance to go to the fishing village of Tai O, it’s worth seeing. We took the bus from Mui Wo (on a very windy road that made my 8 year old sick) and spent a few hours.

Tai O is a very quaint little village that is pretty much what you imagine a fishing village to look like. Also sometimes called the Stilt Village, houses sit on stilts in the water and are very crowded and compact. Once you wander through the town, you will see plenty of restaurants and modern day amenities, including a hotel or two.

We just ate simple noodles at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant and looked at all the varieties of TaiObuildingsseafood available and over-priced tourist kitsch ($5 for a toy bus, anyone?). We also wandered along streets where there are strange-looking tiny two-level metallic homes in the water.

But the main attraction for the kids was the “Swim with the Dolphins” boat trip. For a grand total of less than US$10, the five of us went out with other tourists through the village of Tai O then a bit out into the sea. We were supposed to see dolphins and we waited a while, but only a few people on the boat actually caught a glimpse. Still it was a fun ride and at times so fast we decided it was almost as fun as Disneyland!

Hong Kong is full of modern day amenities and many go for the shopping, but for me visiting small villages like Tai O is much more appealing and better for the kids.