Ziplining or Canopy Tour is a tourist’s rite of passage in Costa Rica.
Giving up decent income and job security to jump into a business was nothing compared to hooking my body up to a skinny little cable 400 feet off the ground and gliding from one tree to another during our family vacation to Costa Rica.

I adopted a “don’t look down” strategy during our zip line adventure among the tree tops, with a little help from our guides: Lion, Monkey and Cat.  They go by nicknames which are easy for the kids to remember.  Monkey gave us all our instructions and although all were punctuated with OKEY DOKEY, he was very thorough.  They all knew I was there reluctantly and encouraged me every step of the way.

Being blessed with a vivid imagination has its downside.  I was so proud of my fearless 10 year-old daughter, 8 year-old and 12 year-old boys and more than a little sick with worry as I watched them glide from one tree to another.
But taking a zip line tour is a tourist’s rite of passage in Costa Rica and The Orlando family was ready. It’s not cheap (my kids were comped), but it is an family vacation experience that we will hold dear forever.