For my family visit to Malaga, Spain, I knew that I wanted my family to stay at an apartment. After a lot of research I contacted Solaga and made arrangements for us to stay at one of the apartments they offer. The one I chose, with help of the company owner, was one located in the historic district of the city. It couldn’t have been a better choice, mainly because of its location in the middle of everything.


Photo credit: Marina K. Villatoro /Gringa TravelingMom

Photo credit: Marina K. Villatoro /Gringa TravelingMom


When traveling, I find the most overwhelming part is finding a place where to stay. It might be quite an
easy task when you know the place but if you are going somewhere new, the planning stage is a challenge.

The only thing I knew while planning our family trip to Spain, was that my family and I would be traveling for an extended period and an apartment is the perfect lodging option for long trips. Just deciding this narrowed my search a lot. But it still wasn’t easy.


TMOM-disclosure-graphicI started researching, reading all I found about the area, listening to advice of travelers who had been there. Doing that, I learned about Solaga, a company that specializes in Malaga vacation rentals. After exploring their website, I knew I wanted to work with them, and contacted Steffen (the owner). He was full of advice and understood all the needs for me and my family.

He has an extensive knowledge of Malaga which allowed him to point us in the right direction. We ended up in the right spot – the historic center of Malaga.

Location and Inside Peak of Our Solaga Vacation Rental

I’ll be 100% honest. We all know that it doesn’t matter how beautiful and well-furnished the apartment is, if the location is crappy your experience won’t be half as good as it could be.

Photo credit: Marina K. Villatoro /Gringa TravelingMom

Photo credit: Marina K. Villatoro /Gringa TravelingMom

Here Are 5 Reasons Our Place Was a Hot Find:

1. Central Market and Supermarket – It is no secret that I love markets. They are great places to shop at great prices. Our apartment was half a block away from Atarazanas Central Market.

The supermarket was another block from there. If we weren’t sleeping or exploring, we were in a market buying food.

2. Historic District – The historic district consists of pedestrian streets in a traditional European style. The area was recently redone and is now full of life with restaurants, stores, cafes, shops and plazas.

Our apartment was right in the beginning of this area. But it was still super quiet on the inside all hours of the night.

3. Garage – One thing I learned while reading all the forums and advice is that Malaga is a great bouncing spot to many fun places. But you need a car. So, we rented one. Because we were in a city, I knew that finding parking space would be a hassle.

Photo credit: Marina K. Villatoro /Gringa TravelingMom

Photo credit: Marina K. Villatoro /Gringa TravelingMom

Luckily our apartment came with a private spot in a secure underground garage, for no extra charge. What a lovely bonus!

4. Play Area – Living in Guatemala, we never allow our kids to go out and play on their own unless we are in a super secure area with guards and gates. During our visit to Spain, we were reminded of how to live the good life of safety and freedom. We had no problems allowing our boys to play outside on their own.

There was a huge plaza, Plaza de Camas, next to our apartment building. It had tons of space to play ball and a playground. My sons were able to pay there as I kept a watchful eye from the balcony.

5. The Apartment –It had two bedrooms, two baths, living room, dining room, kitchen with a dishwasher and clothes washer, and tons of closet space.

We are a family of four and we were extremely comfortable in it.