Singapore might be a baby when compared to many other longer established countries, but it has made many milestones and proven itself to be a big-league competitor since gaining independence in 1965. To celebrate when Singapore turns 50, the people of Singapore have big plans, all year long, to show just how proud they are of their accomplishments. Enjoy learning more about the heritage and culture that abounds on this little island at events being held for everyone – kids, too. Here’s a list to get you started.

Why You Need to Visit Singapore This Year

Photo Credit: William Cho/WikiMedia Commons

Photo Credit: William Cho/WikiMedia Commons

Concerts in the Parks

Catch various artists who will be performing in parks such as the Botanical Gardens and Gardens at the Bay. There will be many more concerts between May and December. As always, these are free concerts. Check out local advertisements for upcoming concerts, dates and locations.

A Nation in Motion

A Nation in Motion celebrates youth, set an example and celebrate 50 spectacular years of Singapore. Join in any or all of the fifty days of planned runs around the island. This 2500km run is split up into 50km runs over 50 days. The run goes from April 16th to June 4th.

Treasure SG

Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? In celebration of Singapore’s 50th birthday, people are setting out to locate hidden treasure across the island. Clues will be given via Treasure SG Facebook page each month. You can participate online as well! The aim of the hunt and prizes is to celebrate and learn more about Singapore’s heritage. The hunting goes through December.



Everyone loves the amazing flavors bursting in Singaporean food, and now’s the time to indulge in it or try it for the first time. As part of SG50 celebrations, a series of pop-up carnivals will celebrate the spirit of #SgEatWithUs. Look for updates throughout the year, catching their Facebook page for the latest.

Photo Credit: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( Wikimedia Commons

Photo Credit: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( Wikimedia Commons

National Gallery Singapore Opening

Housed in the old City Hall and Supreme Court buildings, a brand new visual arts gallery known as the National Gallery Singapore will show off the works and beauty of Singaporean and Southeast Asia. The grand opening will be in October 2015.

Singapore: Inside Out

This is multisensory exhibit featuring architecture, design, fashion, film, food, music and the literary, performing and visual arts. It will travel the world and find its home this November in Singapore. Find out more.

28th Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games)

These games will take place from June 5th to 16th, the Singapore Sports Hub being the made venue. Come watch professional athletes from the surrounding areas complete in various events, and get your own hand in the game by volunteering at the games or joining in community events. You won’t want to miss the SEA Games…so I’ve been told!

Singaporean Apps?

Yep! Developers have created five Apps which will be released on July 1, 2015 and will feature unique Singapore traits and characteristics. The games were designed by local developers to allow other to have fun while learning about the culture, history and important personalities of Singapore.

Photo Credit: By Donaldytong. (Own work.) [GFDL ( Wikimedia Commons

Photo Credit: By Donaldytong. (Own work.) [GFDL ( Wikimedia Commons

Jubilee Weekend Extravaganza!

Everyone in Singapore is thankful for the extended National Day weekend celebration this year, taking place from August 7th to the 10th. All of Singapore will be in celebration mode, so plan ahead and decide where you want to be and when. During these dates, various attractions, museums and cultural sites around the island will be offering free or discounted admission fees as well as extended hours. Visit this link for details on your favorite attractions. The Botanical Gardens are hosting concerts and carnivals throughout the weekend as well.

Golden Jubilee Parade

Every year, Singapore holds an amazing National Day parade. This year is the year you won’t want to miss. Celebrating fifty years will demonstrates a deep sense of national pride and will entertain the young and old alike. Make sure to book your tickets early!