Pakisan4Pakistan is on the U.S. Embassy’s list of Travel Warnings. That means the U.S. government would find it difficult to help a U.S. citizen in the event of an emergency.

Among the security precautions designed to ensure the safety of a delegation traveling to Pakistan to work with women artisans was advice on how to act and the admonition not to draw attention to ourselves or our group. Other precautions include:

  1. Dress conservatively in clothes that do not hug our bodies.
  2. Consider purchasing medical evacuation insurance in case of an emergency.
  3. We will have a security person with us from the minute we step off the plane to the minute we depart. In case of an emergency, our security personnel will advise us and we will be required to follow their directions.
  4. We are not to leave our hotel and or have guests.
  5. All of our routes and venues will be checked before we arrive.