Photo Credit: Al Tamimi Stables/Middle East TMOM

Ever wonder where you can take children to get up close and personal with nature in the UAE?  We may be surrounded by sand, but hidden gems abound throughout the UAE, and the secret of Al Tamimi Stables is one of them I’m going to share with you.  Al Tamimi Stable’s aim has been creating a strong focus on the community, contributing to the development of the local economy.  While doing this, Al Tamimi Stables brilliantly found a way to involve and educate children through their programs, boosting their knowledge in environmentalism and familiarising them with the UAE.

I had the pleasure of taking my family to their Family Fun Day, and I was surprised to see so many people there.  Mostly surprised since I myself had never heard of it before!  I was happy to find out that its right in my own back yard, in Ajman.  What you notice first off is how beautiful the grounds are.  Trees, grass, clean communal places and expansive.  There’s a lovely cafe in the heart of the creativity area which has the most delicious organic and healthy food options, most baked locally by Dubai boutique eateries.  As you look around, you can’t help but notice the adorable petting farm, complete with camels of course, a large sports pitch and courts, stables housing the most gorgeous of horses and a lovely nature trail guiding you through while you view other animals from around the world.  Try making recycled arts and crafts, belly dancing, healthy cooking or planting a flower.


Photo Credit: Heather Barnard/Middle East TMOM

The best feature of Al Tamimi Stables is their Heroes Programme.  Receiving a passport, the children are encouraged to explore different learning activities relating to animal care, environmental care, creativity, sports and equestrian.  Once completing a task, a stamp is given, authorising them as a hero in that area.  My kids loved it, eagerly participating in the activities and delightedly receiving their stamps.  While the reward would seem to be the stamps in the passport, the real reward was how much they learned about the world around them and taking care of it.

The next time you’re looking for a quiet, beautiful location to meet up with friends or hang out with the family, think Al Tamimi Stables.

If you’re a school or business, you’ll want to check out their field trips and team building events!