Santas-village-summer-sleighRemember our trip to Cleveland’s House last month? We couldn’t get enough of so naturally we had to pack up our bags and hit the road again for another trip, this time a weekend with the YMC ladies and their families. It was an incredible time filled with memories, laughter and wonderful friends.
The day we arrived we decided to check out Santa’s Village, an amusement park in Bracebridge which is about 40-45 minutes from Minett. We had never been to the infamous park but had heard quite a bit about it from our friends and family. I will say that it is a great spot for little kids! The rides are suitable for tots and my daughter (who is three) was able to ride with her big sister no problem.

The Ornament Rides were interesting. I can’t say I’ve ever taken a spin inside a Christmas ornament, but there is certainly a first time for everything! Another favorite was the vintage plane rides, and of course you can’t forget about Santa’s Reindeer. Each one of Santa’s reindeer are there at the park and you can pet and feed them to your hearts content. Just off to the side is a fun stage area where live entertainment takes place. Singing, dancing and interactive play.

Santa’s Summer Sleigh seemed a little… interesting, but after the ride I have to say it was my favorite ride out of all of them. The captain takes you on a cruise along the Muskoka river which provides gorgeous views and a good time for all. The kids loved being ‘spun around’ and the music was great as well.

There are a few spots to purchase snacks and meals, so you don’t have to worry about packing a lunch while visiting the park. I recommend on planning to spend the day here though as we arrived at 2 p.m. and left at closing (6 p.m.) and we could have easily stayed for an extra 2-3 hours.


During hot days the splash pad is a great spot to cool down and take a break. There is also a playground area (which is shaded) and a spot to pet the animals. The great thing about this park is that you never feel rushed or hurried and you can see/do everything during one visit.


Will we be back? Most definitely! Although Santa’s Village is open from June-September, they also open in December for a couple of days, so I hope we can check it out then.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you live in the Toronto, GTA or surrounding area, Bracebridge is only a 2 hour drive so you might want to take advantage of the current deal going on before the park closes for the off season. Labour Day – Monday, September 3, enjoy FREE admission to Santa’s Village! Instead of paying for a full ticket, you can pay-as-you-play on all rides and attractions. Tickets are $2.50 each and all rides are just 1 ticket.

Santa’s Village is open 10 am to 4 pm on Labour Day.