Rainforest_CafeI’m a party planner at heart.  I love the details that go into planning a birthday party, from the plates and napkins chosen to the decorative paper straws and party favors.  Up until now, I’ve always hosted magnificent birthday parties for my children, always with a theme.  However, since moving to the UAE, throwing outdoor parties in May, June and September is near impossible.  When the temperatures rise in the UAE and the home air conditioning just can’t keep up, the last thing you want is twelve, five-year-old children inside your home for two hours.  This year, I decided to end the yearly battle between myself and the heat, and give in to finding an indoor party venue for my daughter turning five.  I searched high and low, trying to findProductReview a venue that wasn’t outrageously priced and didn’t have the “cheese” factor happening.  Being that my daughter wants to be a future elephant doctor, The Rainforest Cafe seemed like the perfect place to host this little animal lover’s birthday party.

Located behind the aquarium in the Dubai Mall, The Rainforest Cafe offers several party packages which made it all the more attractive to us.  Choose from five of their well put together, and competitively priced packages.  Even with the lowest priced package, your child gets a big lunch, drinks, games and fun.  The beauty is that the packages are per child, not a set amount of children.  The games included the longest birthday greeting, musical chairs, freeze dance, Simon Says and Bring Me (where children have to run around trying to find whatever the Rainforest_cafe_gamesannouncer requests.)

I was even allowed to bring in my own touches as well, such as the zebra print paper straws and animal print party favor bags filled with goodies from the USA.  I even brought my own dessert (as I’ve always baked my kids’ cakes and cupcakes.)  I’m sure I could have brought in my own decoration, table covers and more if I really wanted to completely customize the party, but I was very impressed with the decoration provided.  There were tons of balloon bouquets, balloons on each child’s chair and of course the animal print table covers that Rainforest Cafe already provides.

Rainforest_cafe_lunchFrom the planning in the beginning to the happy smiles on everyone’s faces in the end, I’d highly recommend The Rainforest Cafe for your next indoor party venue…especially if you have an animal lover like I do.  Thank you Rainforest Cafe for making my daughter’s fifth birthday one to remember!