quebec9Linda P is the only person who could get me to commit to a press trip that would take me from cold weather to freezing cold weather.

We visited Quebec City in January and I am still shocked to report that I loved every second and I hope to take my family back.

I felt right at home.

French is the first language in Quebec City, sure, but not once did I feel like I was imposing when I spoke English.


In fact, everyone I spoke English to was happy to get to practice their English on me.

English-only speakers would find Quebec easy to navigate and comfortable.

Everyone is outside: families with babies, teenagers, young couples, old couples – everyone.

Quebec-ers celebrate their cold weather and they know how to dress for it. Don’t wear cotton as a first layer, nylon or polyester will not absorb moisture and being wet means being cold.

Wear wool socks over the nylon or poly socks, invest in glove liners and mittens, a cute jacket, waterproof boots and snow pants and you will blend right in.


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