mini-golfThe temperature is rising in Dubai, which means I’m looking for indoor play options for my kids to escape the heat.  The thought of heading to some indoor play areas gives me a headache as I imagine overcrowded centers filled with tired, crying children and their frustrated parents chasing them around.  While play time centers are meant for kids, adults deserve some space of their own too.  So why not combine the two areas into a fun outlet for kids to enjoy and still a relaxing atmosphere for Mom and Dad?  That’s just what Play A Round has done.

Play A Round is Dubai’s first indoor, 9 hole, mini golf course, and the black lights make the fun, well-executed sea life theme come to life.  This is the place where children and adults can practice their putting skills together as a family, or let one of their employees supervise your little ones while you enjoy a cup of coffee or a treat from the cafe.  The course itself is very friendly for all ages, and small enough so you can easily keep an eye on them if they go ahead or play on their own.  There’s even a fully enclosed soft play area with toys and puzzles for your itty-bitties right off the cafe area, giving you the perfect view of your child.  This allows you some hands-free time, so that you can enjoy that coffee or work on your computer as they kindly offer free Wi-Fi.

There is also a room dedicated to arts and crafts, again, in plain view of the cafe.  Here, your child can do scratch art, t-shirt painting, Play_A_Roundsand art and more.

If you’re looking for a birthday party venue, Play A Round does that too!  Held in the arts and crafts room, your birthday boy or girl will get a party complete with:


– Party Invitations
– Balloon Decoration
– Balloon Bending/Tattoo and Nail Art
– 3 rounds of golf per child (Parents are welcome to play with the children)
– One arts activity, such as sand art, paint a coin bank, canvas painting, frame painting, sand art bottle, bracelet beading, make your own greeting card
– Paint your own t-shirt with neon and glitter colours (Only available with the DHS 150 offer)
– Party Meal per child that includes the following: cheese pizza, 2 cheese and cucumber English sandwiches, one choice of a main meal (oven baked chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese or chicken hot dogs), plus organic apple juice and water, a mini cupcake, a mini cookie and vegetables or fruit sticks with cheese triangles. Working together with Jamm Bakery, the lunches are quite substantial and kid friendly.

Play A Round is located in the Jewels Tower, on the ground floor and is open from 10:00 to 20:00. Take exit 29 immediately after Marina Mall. As you cross the flyover that crosses the marina water make a U-turn at the traffic light (currently a roundabout while the intersection is under construction. Now, heading back under the flyover, turn right into the dirt parking lot discretely labeled ‘Emaar Customer Parking.’  Follow the parking lot down the hill and to the left along the water and you’ll be able to drive right up to Play A Round’s front door.

play_a_round_craftFor only 45 AED per hour of mini-put, plus one arts and craft project, this is easily a 100 AED hour-long playdate for a family with two kids.  Better yet, swap a craft for a coffee for mom or dad!  The soft play area is only 25 AED per hour, and art projects start at 10 AED (if purchases separately).  So if you’re looking for something to do in Dubai to escape the heat this summer, come to Play A Round and do something that the whole family will enjoy!  Our kids loved it and we’ll surely be back again soon for more fun. In fact, my son decided on the spot that this is where he wants his birthday party this year.