Approximately 250 miles south-west of the coast of India, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, 26 atolls form the island nation known as the Maldives. The country is the smallest in Asia in both land mass and population and yet is one of the most immeasurable in terms of beauty. Each and every one of the 1,192 islands that make up the Maldive Islands could be the cover of a calendar filled with remote, white sandy beaches. It is incredibly easy to see why paradise can be found in the Maldives.

My husband and I traveled to the Maldives for our seventh anniversary in 2008. Commercial jets took us as far as Malé, the capital, at which time we boarded a sea plane piloted by men with bare feet to fly to our temporary island home for the week, Kuredu. The atolls we viewed from the plane were straight out of scenes from “Blue Planet” and we arrived to a drummer waiting to show us to the open air lobby to what I can only describe as paradise.

the beaches in Maldives are breath taking

Photo credit: Pixabay

A Typical Day During our Maldives Stay

  • Wake up when the sun came into the room, usually around 7:30am.
  • Go for a run around the island, which was only slightly over a mile in diameter.
  • Cool off with a quick snorkel in front of the villa.
  • Visit with our trigger fish friend, “Chompers” who day after day poked his head out of the water to watch us.
  • Eat breakfast at 9:30 am.
  • Return to the villa and read books on our deck, maybe do a little yoga on the lawn chair.
  • Around 1 pm, lunch.
  • Back to villa to read more, perhaps take a nap.
  • Around 3 pm, head down to the water sports center for some sailing or wind surfing.
  • After water activities head over to the main pool bar for happy hour strawberry daiquiris.
  • Read books around the pool and watch the giant fruit bats fly over head.
  • Walk back to the villa around 7 pm, then shower and head over to the restaurant for dinner on the beach.
  • Watch the sun drop into the ocean as we drink a glass of wine and eat dinner by candlelight.
  • Return to the villa by 9:30 pm, then lay out on deck chairs and stare at a million stars.
  • 10 pm – time to go to bed.

Other Maldives Adventures

sea turtle sighting Maldives

Photo credit: Pixabay

We occasionally varied from this routine for additional snorkeling that was out of this world. Only a few hundred feet from where the ladder off the deck of our hut touched the ocean was the most incredible snorkeling either of us have ever seen. Trigger fish, parrot fish, black-tipped reef sharks and so much more was waiting to be viewed through our snorkel masks. One afternoon we found the drop off where the light blue water transitioned to dark blue and witnessed a fantastic scene where an adult sea turtle gracefully swam around occasionally raising to the surface for air.

Looking for paradise? Find it in Maldives

Photo credit: Pixabay

The journey to get to this incredible destination is far but the payoff is worth it. The Maldives provides the perfect setting for the most romantic vacation imaginable.

Alecia Hoobing is project manager and aspiring freelance writer who is happy to call Boise, Idaho her home airport. You can read all about her adventures living abroad and traveling with children at Hoobing Family Adventures.