baja-cabo-beachMy friend, Kendra Delano is an ex-pat living in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico.  She is a former teacher and has worked in tourism for 10 years.  I asked her about visiting Mexico in the fall.  Here is her response.


-Packing is a breeze.  Bring a bikini, two pair of shorts, three sleeveless shirts, two little dresses, beach jewelry and some underwear.  Most of the wardrobe should be loose and light.

-Trips are inexpensive!  I spoke with a couple from Georgia who paid $350 per person to stay for five days all-inclusive, flights included.

-The kayaks and ocean toys are free to enjoy.  In high season there is always a wait.

-You don’t need to wonder if reserving lounge chairs with a towel is permitted.

-Your tips are REALLY appreciated.

-There are no crowds… anywhere.

-The hot water in your room will never run out.

-All merchandise is discounted if you’re willing to haggle.

-Staff members will remember your name.


-It’s HOT and humid.  There is really no threat of hurricanes until the weather cools in late October but venturing out is uncomfortable for those used to lower temperatures.

-The staff members are stressed and a bit grumpy.  For them “low occupancy” translates to no tips or commissions.  Yes, most locals save up for low season but when it really hits (especially during an economic recession) most Mexican families are on strict budgets.

-The sun is really strong.  The best tans are had sunbathing in the shade without sun block.  Direct sun requires SPF 30+ and usually leads to burns.

-There are many fewer resort activities during low season- no bands, no movies on the beach at night, no ocean aerobics, no games.  Some people might consider this a pro.

-The maintenance staff doesn’t bother to clean up the seaweed.

-There is a greater risk for “Montezuma’s Revenge” during the warm months.

-The vendors and promoters are really aggressive.

-The toys (trampoline and climbing “iceberg”) have been removed from the sea.

-It is more likely that you’ll be “gringoed” so know fares ahead of time and count your change.

-It’s easy to dehydrate- especially on the beach with tropical drinks in hand.

All in all if I were in need of a vacation I would hop on down to Mexico for a getaway any time of year.

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