In light of the new princess being welcomed this morning, we’ve found some great reasons to show you why London is a fantastic spot to travel with children this summer.  From culture to food, to tourists spots and more, London is a great place to think about traveling to this summer.  

Great news out of London this morning: the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcome their second child, a baby girl! The new Princess of Cambridge will be fourth in line to the throne after Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son Charles, grandson William and great-grandson George.

The entire city of London is showing their admiration for the arrival of the little princess:


And while the Londoners are busy celebrating the newest arrival, we wanted to take a minute to remind you what a great destination London is for traveling with kids. London is an exciting place for children and teenagers.  While it may seem overwhelming at first, we have a team of traveling moms who have been there, and give us all the insight to make London a great vacation spot for the entire family:

International Traveling Mom, Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan, gives us 5 reasons why London is Kid Friendly.  Beyond the Palace, the parks, the museums, the diversity and more are what draws Kaamna there.

Traveling Mom has tips on how to visit London with babies and  how to do London on a Budget with kids. London is known to be one of the most expensive cities in the world and we have 10 Ways to Visit London on the Cheap, including discovering some beautiful parks and enjoying fish & chips at local pubs.

Looking for specific ideas on what to do in London with kids?  Empty Nest Traveling Mom, Cindy Richards, takes us for a ride on the London Eye.  We have also visited Buckingham Palace and spent an entire day at London’s Science Museum in South Kensington.  In fact, we have found there is something for everyone in South Kensington. And everyone loves to get advice on where to shop, especially in such a shopping mecca like London.

Maybe your kids aren’t to interested in fish & chips?  We have a few London restaurants recommendations for kids as well. These ideas will fill your kids tummies and not break the bank!  Or maybe your searching for a great authentic London lunch?

And it’s always great to get travel advice from a true Londoner.  Vegetarian Traveling Mom, Judy Antell, had an opportunity to ask two stars from Call the Midwives what they would recommend doing while in London.

One of the great things about Traveling Moms is that we’ve been there and we’ll give you the tips to make your trips even better.