When we landed in Bali, the first thing we noticed was an airport full of surfers collecting their boards from trolleys at baggage claim. Who knew? As we made our way to Pro Surf, the recipe for a day on the beach couldn’t have been more perfect. The sun was shining, the skies were clear blue, the ocean was the perfect temperature and we had four kids (one adult version) ready to hit the Bali island waves. Bali is a mecca for surfers, beginners and advanced, year round.

Surfing the Bali Island Waves

Photo Credit: Heather B/Expat TravelMom

Photo Credit: Heather B/Expat TravelMom

My husband has always dreamed of learning how to surf – or at least attempting to learn – while on some tropical vacation getaway. Since we were crossing Bali off our bucket list, we figured what better place to make his dream come true? My husband said, “Who doesn’t dream of riding a wave? Blue skies, blue water, surfing the natural ebb and flow of the ocean? Honestly I wasn’t planning it for this trip. I felt like if I went surfing it would be a selfish decision, leaving the kids behind for a day while I check off an item on my bucket list.”

But wait! What if they want to try it, too? When we asked, they lit up with wonder. It turns out that there are many shops that offer family lessons. As for me, no way. Let’s just say the ocean and I don’t get along in any way, shape or form. But the rest of the family was all in.

Photo Credit: Heather B/Expat TravelMom. Top to bottom: learning at the school, taking it to the beach and heading for the waves.

Photo Credit: Heather B/Expat TravelMom. Top to bottom: learning at the school, taking it to the beach and heading for the waves.

Choosing a Surf Shop

Luckily, people visiting and living in Bali are really nice and willing to help.

It was our friends who recommended Pro Surf, saying it’s the only place they’d trust any of their friends or family to for learning how to surf.


We made our booking via phone and off we went the next day.  We chose a family package which gave everyone 2 hours, more than enough time for the kids at this age.

Pro Surf is located in Kuta, Bali, right across the street from the beach. Owned and operated by a true blood surfer, he takes what he does very seriously and employs passionate instructors who truly want to see others love the joy of surfing.

Learning to Surf With Pro Surf School

Pro Surf has a bar, restaurant, mini-hotel dormitory, a small lounging deck, a pool and of course, the surf lesson areas.

No time was wasted upon arrival as my family was asked to change into their rash guards and make their way up to the training deck for practical training (adults go into a room for lots of theory before practical). The instructor taught the kids how to paddle, how to get up and foot placement. They then made their way into the pool in an unconventional way, jumping off the high deck, where they were given soft training boards to practice paddling and standing up. After a few run throughs, they were ready for the ocean.

What?  That’s it?  My babies are going in the ocean now?

While I might have a slight fear of the sea, my kids were fearless. They were ready to go, trudging through the sand, far down the beach, until they reached a calm area. Boards on the sand, they again practiced their moves. Down, up, down, up, down up…they were gaining confidence with the moves and flowing through them fluidly.

How can this seriously work?  Are they really going to be able to do this once they hit the water?  Guess, what? They did. One at a time, the instructor lead them out into the water, waited for the right wave, and sent them off on their boards.

It Just Came Naturally

Photo Credit: Heather B/Expat TravelMom

Photo Credit: Heather B/Expat TravelMom

Pro Surf guarantees you’ll stand up before the lesson is over and everybody was able to do it, even our most cautious daughter.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was for my kiddos to stand up and surf right to me on the shore. For an hour, I watched them go out to sea and surf their way in, without panic, without hesitancy. They trusted the hands they were in, trusted themselves, and had the time of their lives.

Not too far down the beach, my husband was having an equally fun time in the adult group, even if he didn’t quite make it up as many times as the kiddos.

One thing is certain, after two hours with Pro Surf, my family was hooked and on a high. They were begging to go back the next day.  While that didn’t happen, my husband did go surfing last week while on his business trip to Australia. Let’s just say the ocean won.

A photographer was on the beach, unobtrusively taking photos of us all to be displayed for sale later. Everyone has dreams and bucket lists. I think going to Bali is on almost everyone’s list as it’s always had that magical appeal and the label of honeymoon destination.

Combine your fascination with Bali and throw in surfing, and you’ve got a memory to last a lifetime.  I’d highly recommend Pro Surf for you and your family, beginners or advanced.

Have you tried surfing? Where? How did you do? Share with us in the comment section below.