Bali Bath

When traveling half-way around the world for a tropical vacation, you want to make sure you are doing it right. Luxurious spas and treatments sound tempting, but sometimes, you just want to enjoy the beauty of the space and environment of your own room. Take for example, the Villas at the Four Seasons Bali in Jimbaran Bay. I never wanted to leave the confines of my outdoor/indoor one bedroom villa. A plunge pool, claw foot tub, and outdoor shower called my name every day. Lucky for me, the Four Seasons Bali offers special in-villa treatments available with a touch of a button.

A mom of four, the one thing I do not get to do on a regular basis is take a nice, long leisurely bath. I have to admit, when I saw the menu for the Bath Ritual menu, I decided it would be the one thing I indulged in every day of my vacation. With one quick call to the concierge, I choose my ritual (one of three), set up my time, and relaxed until it was time for the set up.

Dressed in traditional Balinese clothing, a Four Seasons staff person would enter my villa with a basket full of the ritual items: candles, incense, bath salts and oils and a bowl of fragrant Frangipani flowers. After accepting the items, the process began. As I selected the tub temperature, the insense began to weave intricately through bathroom, and the candles were lit. The selected oils and salts were blended into the tub, and the faucet stopped. In the final moments of the rituals, I was told to enter the tub immediately following the release of the Frangipani flowers, as they would start to wilt from the steam and heat of the bath water.


Once left alone, it was pure relaxation. For me, this ritual is the definition of Balinese tradition of calming mind, body and soul. The approximate cost of this ritual was $20- priceless for an every day hour of relaxation, miles away from home, surrounded by nothing but quiet. It is the one place I escape to in my mind when needing a mental vacation from my everyday at home. A must-do to complete your tropical Balinese vacation.

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